Frustrated...just need to vent

  1. I began an online MSN program in the summer of this year. I currently work full time (36hours/week) and I'm enrolled full time (6 credits/semester). So far, classes have been going good and I have not had any major issues. Due to financial issues, I decided to apply for another job. Thankfully, I was offered the position. However, my current employer would not allow me to go part-time (they do not know the reason). Originally, I turned down the offer I received from this new potential employeer and they would not take no for an answer. Honestly, I need the job as much as they want me to work for them. Here is my problem. I decided that right now, my finances are more important than completing the MSN degree. However, because this particular university only offers certain classes once per year, etc. I will be forced to extend my completion date to 2015 instead of 2013!! I am very frustrated by this.

    I am willing to work both full time positions which will be a total of 72 hours per week, temporarily until I can get a part time position elsewhere. However, I don't think I would be able to manage 72 hours of work per week and also go to school full time. Classes are every six weeks. Therefore, I will have one class (3 credits) for 6 weeks and another class for 6 weeks in a semester. I just want to complete my MSN program and get it over with. But I also need to be able to pay off increasing undergraduate student loan debt, etc.

    If I knew that this university had limited class offerings, I would not have enrolled. My plan was to take off one semester and then continue but this would cause a 2 year delay! Arrgghhhh! I don't know what to do. I'm just praying and asking God for direction. Just wanted to vent a little.
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  3. by   goofeegirl
    I extended my education from 2 years to 4 because of work responsibilities and financial problems. I also found out that classes were only offered once a year and so if I dropped out of one semester I had to wait a full year before returning to school.

    I feel your frustration and hope that things work out for you.