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For those who think they cant...

  1. 6 You can! I am in a FMHNP program have three kids (two on the autism spectrum) and I just got my grades. Two A's for the semester and a 3.73 GPA total for 30 hours of coursework. And yes up until 2 weeks ago I worked full time. I am now entering the land of preceptorships so I am not going to be working but PRN. So if anyone tells you that you can not do it all. YOU CAN!!
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    3.3 GPA here, no I can't.
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    That's great!!! I've posted a few things about fear of nursing school, your post gives me hope. My fiance is trying to get full custody of his 9 year old daughter who is autistic, so we may have her to take care of when I start nursing school. I have no children of my own, but I am excited to get through school. I start in January. Keep up the good work.
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    Very encouraging words! I think we All have our moments when we doubt our abilities. It's so nice to hear about your success
    I struggle too. I have two children, one with a learning disability and depression and oppositional defiance disorder, and another child who is as happy-go-lucky as you can get and is involved in every sport under the sun. They and my husband, who travels a lot, keep me busy! But so far I have all A's and hope it continues until I graduate!

    Never give up and never give in!
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    Good job!