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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to start applying this... Read More

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    Hi Everyone! How many schools are you all applying to? I am so lost! ...right now I am thinking of Boston College, UMass, Seattle U, Univ of AZ (even though they dont have an NP program), Emory and maybe Columbia (but the deadline is so soon!). Does anyone know exactly what these schools are looking for in terms of scores? I currently have a cumm GPA of 3.57 and my prereq GPA might be around 3.5...scares me because they are so average!! And I will be taking the GRE soon. I have a good amount of volunteer work but it seems like everyone on the message boards has a CNA license before applying. Has anyone heard any good words of wisdom on how to be more competitive? Thanks y'all

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    I'm applying to six schools as of this application cycle. I don't have a CNA license just experience working and assisting in a hospital as a volunteer/intern. I think a CNA license is a great thing to have. Columbia is one of my schools as well, I am working on my personal statement ( my second draft) and studying for the GRE. I'm in A and P II right now and finishing that up before the deadline. In response to being competitive, I think in your case you already are. Most likely for you it will just be your GRE scores, Rec's, and Personal Statement. I just got done speaking with my counselor about everything and she told me that the personal statement holds a good amount of weight and that's another source of competitiveness. Is anyone else having trouble with it? it's hard to convey everything they ask for. I'm on yale's application and it's a struggle for me. I'm hoping to get in at least 5 drafts before the deadline of October 13th. What specialty are you going for?

    I am right with you on repeats/grade forgiveness. I don't have any W's though which I don't think matters. I've heard repeating classes drops down competitiveness some. Which makes sense but holistically if that's your only problem, I don't see it as a major deal. A major deal is having probably no science classes on record or passing any of them. There are people that do make it without being the "perfect" candidate we just don't hear about them ever because no one wants to admit it.

    Can't wait until the waiting actually begins, then I am free of these applications.
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    Lindsay - I don't think it's necessarily true that everyone has a CNA license before applying! I honestly don't even think they're necessary, I would just say get some type of health care experience through volunteering or shadowing. I think you are definitely competitive grade wise, though. Right there with the majority of people! So don't even worry about it. I think I remember reading before that the average GPA is around 3.4-3.5 for admission (not prerequisite). Don't worry about grades! What's done is done, and your transcript is pretty final, so no use in stressing about that. Just apply, apply, apply, and see what happens! It looks like you're applying to a wide variety of schools, which is awesome and increases your chance of getting in somewhere! Great job! Keep us updated! My list of schools varies depending on the day and when you ask me, but I'm applying to about 5-6. For sure, I'm applying to Marquette, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Northeastern, and I'm debating between UPenn, UCincinnati, and Boston College - I don't want to apply to all 3 of them, but I'm waiting to see what my GRE scores look like before I decide. I may apply to 2 out of 3, not sure yet. And then, if I don't get in anywhere, in fall of 2013 I will apply to University of Alabama's direct entry MSN program.. they only have a spring admit date, which is why I have to wait til fall 2013. I won't have my bachelor's until then.

    The personal statement has been a source of major stress for me. Probably the most difficult part of applying, second to actually paying to apply (HA! expensive!), and the darn GRE. For Marquette and Northeastern's essay, I wrote about how I came to choose my specialty, and whatnot. It has been stressful. However, I submitted Marquette this morning (YAY!), so I'm relieved to be at that point.
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    Hey Hopeful,

    Congrats on submitting your Marquette application this morning! You are so on it! I think one of the hardest parts it getting my busy letter of rec writers to submit their letters early on. But of course the hardest would be those personal statements. But I am working on the UCSF application right now and pretty much done with UPenn. So waiting on my writers to submit their stuff so I can get those apps in. Hopkins' 300 word limits are difficult too! Good luck
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    Hey guys,

    Does anyone have any research experience? The only thing I've done is taken Research Methods. Conducted a study with my group over a semester. I'm asking because Yale has a personal statement question on it. And the private schools are in to research but I'm not sure how much weight it holds for an applicant. Any Ideas? Did anyone retake the GRE again?
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    Hi everyone! I'm retaking the GRE tomorrow. Thanks, kdiem! I'm so relieved to have one done and out of the way. After the GRE, I'm planning on getting JHU and Duke's apps completed. Morganw1, I don't have much research experience at all. Never took research methods, never did any studies, nothing of the sort. I think its definitely a plus if you have some, but not a huge deal if not.
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    Thanks Hopeful!

    Good luck on Duke and JHU, you're getting it done early which is really good. Good luck on the GRE tomorrow! mine isn't until October. I'm looking in to the flashcards but i'm not sure if they are worth making a difference in scores. Right now I have the kaplan book and cd. any recommendations?
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    Hey Morgan,
    I think flashcards are definitely helpful and even better if you get started now. There's no other way to learn those random vocab words! My lowest score was the verbal section. I am not very happy with that score but I decided to focus my efforts on the other parts of the applications. I first took the GRE last summer (the old one) and retook it in June with a similar score. Since I'm working full time now I'm afraid if I took it again, my score may not drastically improve. I wouldn't want the schools to see that I took it twice in a summer and didn't do any better. I'm crossing my fingers they won't throw my app out just because of the GREs.

    As for research, I hear its a big plus since a lot of nursing schools like to know that their students are competent to conduct research and have experience. But if the other parts of your application are great then I don't think you should worry too much. I did a semester work of molecular research in a plant lab (not too interesting) and a summer internship with UCSF where I worked on a project with borderline ovarian cancer. I'm hoping to write about that for Yale's PS (which I need to get started soon!).

    Good luck with your GRE Hopeful!
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    I'm definitely getting started with the flashcards this week, been hearing some positive reviews on them. thanks Kdiem. At least you have a good amount of research. I'm thinking a semesters worth doesn't do harm but doesn't necessarily improve my app that much. I have a few things going for me and some against me. I'm hoping the GRE will turn out well and I can use that as a positive during the process. We will see how it goes.

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    I've decided to apply to Penn instead of Duke for this cycle. I still have six schools, five in the fall and one in the spring. I decided to submit the NYU application in the spring. The deadline for fall is really early and you find out if your accepted early as well. I don't want to be put in a predicament if I do end up getting in and haven't submitted any of my other applications. What I liked most about Penn was the fact of how many entry routes they have available. entry level BSN/MSN and entry level BSN, I also read on another thread that if you're not accepted to the BSN/MSN they will consider your application for the BSN part. Which is pretty neat. They also have a holistic approach to the applications which is also another thing I liked. I wasn't too sure on Duke, it's a great school and program but I would like to have as many chances to get a Master's in the least amount of time without having to reapply to the same school. If that makes sense. Penn and Columbia have the same deadline which works too.

    Does anyone know how the GRE scores they go directly to the school the same day you've taken the test?

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