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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to start applying this... Read More

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    I'm applying to Boston College, Duke, and UPenn also! Not sure about Johns Hopkins yet because they don't have my exact speciality but one that's close (regular pediatrics). Duke, however, is no longer a direct entry MSN - it's an ABSN with the option to apply earlier as a student than other applicants to their MSN program. I took the GRE once and scored right at 1000, but I am going to retake it again in a month.

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    I am officially graduating in August, I am taking my last two courses for my major but I walked in May. How about yourself?I wanted to be a Midwife but I feel like doula's and people who have birthing experience get first choice. I always see it on this website that doulas definitely get in. I can't compete with birthing experience and maybe some day i will get into it but for now I'm really in to acute care. I thought about UPENN and Johns but I definitely don't have the grades for Penn, it's a top 3 school. I don't want to waste my money or take another year of chemistry because I don't do well in those courses. Johns I thought was WAY too expensive, what are your thoughts? I also considered Emory,UIC, BC. I still am considering, thinking about it. They might be on the next cycle for me if I don't get into anywhere. UIC has a floor in their housing just for nursing students which is cool. Do you have a top choice?


    Yeah, Duke and NYU are my ABSN's then go on to Master's from there. Basically back-ups for me if I can even say I have some. I feel like I've come across your name before on some threads??? not sure though.
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    You may have come across my name. I've posted in some threads from last year looking for stats from people who were accepted to the schools I'm interested in, like GPA and GRE scores and volunteer experience and whatnot. Why do you need another year of chemistry for Johns Hopkins or UPenn? As far as I know, it isn't required for JHU and only 4 credits are required for UPenn, and my chemistry for health science majors course covered this prerequisite. You may have all of the prerequisites completed!

    I was interested in UIC's program, but they require a research methods course, and at my school, they only offer that in certain majors and you must be a part of that major to take it - aka, it isn't available as an elective. It's okay though, because they do not offer my specialty (pediatric acute care or critical care).

    I have a finalized list and this week I will begin finishing essays and will start to submit applications. I'm applying to Duke, Marquette, Northeastern, UPenn, Boston College, and University of Cincinnati for sure, since those schools all offer my specialty. I will also apply to my undergraduate school's ABSN program (UF). I'm also considering applying to Johns Hopkins, even though they do not have my exact specialty, since they do not require GRE scores. Duke is my first choice due to an awesome loan repayment program they offer for people who work at their hospital - and even though it isn't direct entry MSN, I think you are supposed to have a very good chance of getting into their MSN program. And it's supposed to be an excellent program. All of the other schools I am applying to have great nursing programs with wonderful clinical rotation opportunities.
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    For PENN I think last I read was Inorganic Chemistry with lab? at my school they require prereq's to take it, I only took intro Gen Chem and Life science Chemistry. I would need Gen Chem A and B to get to Inorganic Chem. Plus, I got C's in them and I don't want to put that on there. If I get more confidence next cycle somehow, It will probably be a hail mary for me

    They offered a research methods course in my major, it wasn't called 'reasearch methods' but its the exact same thing when I compared the syllabus. They offer Research Methods at the JC level! you can take it there. nobody wants that course anyway haha, the one I took was BORING and I had to take it to graduate in my major.

    I've been reading FAQ's and I can tell which schools look at you as an applicant holistically and others that are super strict. I feel like Penn was a hollistic one of those, it's a super great school I would love to go if I had the choice. I already sent out my LOR's request, I'm locked down on my choices. If I tell myself otherwise..I'll have 100 schools. But! We will see, next cycle. If you got in would you end up working as a nurse in Pennsylvania? I'm from CA so I would want to move back. Columbia is my first choice, I want to work in the hustle of the streets and it seems like that's where the best traumas are. I work down in LA now. Did you ever look in to UC San Francisco?
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    I'm applying for MCG's direct-entry CNL program for next Fall. I was accepted to the local community college here for my accociates but I turned it down and I'm taking a chance that I'll be accepted at MCG! **GULP**

    I have a 3.2 gpa for my BA in history from 10 years ago but all my pre-reqs are at a 4.0 so I'm hoping they will look more at that. I also have quite a bit of volunteer experience over the past 10 years so I'm hoping that will help my resume too. Now I just need to take the GRE or the MAT!
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    Yup, they require inorganic chemistry. But, inorganic chemistry just means a regular chemistry class - not organic chemistry.. aka general chemistry. Your life science chemistry class would count!

    We actually don't have any research methods classes at any community colleges here in Florida, as far as I know =[ but it's okay, since UIC doesn't have my chosen specialty!

    I think Penn will be pretty holistic also, but I'm worried about the GRE. I already took it once, and it was difficult for me. That's why all of my top choices are all GRE optional! I don't think I would work in Pennsylvania if/when I graduate from UPenn, I'm from the south and would prefer to move back here and work, but who knows where life will take me come 3-4 years from now?! I did consider UCSF, but I ended up not putting it on my list, just because I don't think I'm interested in traveling all the way to the opposite coast... I think that would be too much of a culture shock for me! Now besides the GRE, I'm stressing about the essays that need to be written, but I'm sure it'll all come together. I was considering Columbia, but paired with the HUGE cost of the school and living in NYC, and the issue that they didn't offer my specialty, I ended up not putting it on my final list.

    Britmum, which school is MCG?
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    I wouldn't worry too much about the GRE unless you don't have a great GPA. Like for instance I am going to do the best I can on that because I need it to show that I can succeed at the graduate level. I played a sport during college and didn't really care about anything but that so i'm at a B- for GPA and in the lower section of it. I'm not that worried about it because I can't go back and change it, if anything i'd go back and add on Spanish as an associates. Which is my plan B if i do get rejected everywhere, i'll spend time saving and working on what I can. GRE is just another way of allowing others to compete too, that may have been out of school awhile or didn't do as well in school. Obviously if you do great at everything required it's an even better chance. I wouldn't worry! as far as UCSF you never know, they have a great program. I am applying to the south as well and I'm not from there at all. Duke's repayment program is the best out there, it's a great way to not be in debt and If I got in that's something I would also be doing. That's great to know about the chemistry! I will keep that in my mind.

    I'm taking the GRE in October and I will be nervous and praying that everything goes the way it should.
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    I'm sure you'll do great on the GRE! I used the Kaplan book the first time around to study, but this time, I am finding that the Barrons book is the most helpful for GRE prep. I have also heard that the vocabulary flashcards are extremely helpful, and the PowerPrep software available on the ETS website (you must have a Windows computer to use the software, though!). I worry about my GRE scores for Penn because I know it is ranked number 1, and they like to see high scores (well above 1000, or 153 on verbal and 144 on quantitative for the new test). My GPA and volunteer/health care experience are both great, but my GRE score may not be. So we will see! Duke, Marquette, Northeastern, and Johns Hopkins are all GRE optional, so here's hoping!

    UCSF does have a great program, but it is so competitive to gain admission. And since it is located extremely far away, it just didn't make my final list, but I agree that it is awesome!

    I just found out UAB has a direct entry MSN program also, if anyone is interested. They have a wide array of specialties to choose from!
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    MCG is the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. I think they are renamed now as GHSU, Georgia Health Sciences University.Thanks guys, standardized testing just freaks me out! I feel like no matter how much I study I'm never fully prepared. It's the math part of the GRE that has me most concerned! Plus who the heck wants to sit there for 4 hours....that's crazy!!
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    Hey hopefulnurse24 and morganw1,

    I'm trying to have hopeful thoughts and write a stellar personal statement because my GRE and GPA are not competitive. I do have an emergency physician writing a letter of rec (I work with him as a medical scribe), nurse-midwife (my mentor and person I've shadowed in birthing centers and women's health clinics) plus two graduate instructors to write my academic letters. I'm hoping that most schools will look at my application holistically, if not, I won't stand a chance for those schools that highly emphasize GRE and GPA's. My top choice are actually Oregon Health Science University (since it's midwifery program is #1 and it's the closest school to northern California where I'm from), UPenn (I know it's a long shot since I'm not well-rounded in all categories...) and probably UIC since I have family there. And yeah, my general chem and general bio grades aren't so good =\ Sciences at my university was very very competitive (darn those pre-med students!) My best friend who is in the Pediatrics NP program at Johns Hopkins says that every direct-entry masters applicant that meets their requirements will be offered an interview, so I'm looking forward to that!

    UCSF used to be my top choice, until they took out the nurse-midwifery specialty just THIS year

    Anyway, I wish you both luck with the application process! Columbia's application is now open too!

    Morganw1: what undergraduate university are you attending?
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