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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to start applying this... Read More

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    What ultimately made you decide against BC and Northeastern?
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    Is your specialty Public Health nursing? That is so amazing that you were accepted at all three schools! How is Columbia so far? I also applied there. I have heard the program is very overwhelming!
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    Hi all - I dont' see a current thread for Vanderbilt (just one from last year) but I went to an info session recently and will type up more information when I have a chance - but if anyone has any specific questions I can try to include them. I'm surprised it doesn't seem to be a very popular program here on these boards - is there something big I'm missing that is convincing people to apply to Penn or UCSF and not Vandy?
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    I was on a Vandy thread before. I was confused though because it seemed to be RN's applying to the RN-MSN program. So far what I've gotten from THIS thread about Vandy is that you have to find your own clinical placements ( someone stated that so don't quote me). That turned some people away on here. Either way, I am still applying because I need all the options I can get.
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    Hi bbcc, I applied to Vandy too. I think the UCSF and Penn threads were made early on since the deadlines were earlier. I do get nervous hearing about having to find your own clinicals for Vandy. Their essay + interview questions were quite lengthy too! But I was content with my submission. I think it's awesome that you can add up to 5 letter of recs too for Vandy.
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    Oh and bbcc, if you have any questions on the stats about the interviews offered and students accepted that would be great. I'm still unsure if Vandy requires an interview?
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    phnursestudent, you must've been an awesome applicant since you were accepted into all three programs! I'm applying to over 10 schools and I still feel very nervous about the prospects of being accepted. I would love to go to school in NY but the living costs is probably the most expensive compared to any of the other schools I applied to. I visited NY for the first time in March and fell in love with the bustling city and Central Park I would love to hear more about your experience at Columbia! And do you have any advice for us applicants?
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    I was never sold on BC and really only applied because I felt like only applying 2 schools was too risky and I knew that if I wasn't in NY I wanted to stay in Boston. The program just seemed way too short for my liking. And I had heard some not so great things from the staff at the hospital where I was working. I heard bad stuff about Columbia too, I would take all bad comments with a grain of salt. I think every school has issues, a lot of the same ones in fact, but the extent to which these will affect you really varies.

    I was really excited about Northeastern since they are one of few schools with the Pediatric Acute specialty. I liked the idea of working full time as an RN before starting the Master's, I liked being able to stay at the Boston hospitals, there was a lot going for it. But when I went to interview I left feeling underwhelmed. There wasn't any specific thing that was wrong but I just got strange vibes. Maybe it was the rainy weather or the fact that I interviewed during my lunch break , or that I had found out I was accepted to Columbia the day before the interview, but I left far less excited about the program than I expected. The interview questions were standard, the woman interviewing me just didn't stand out. Also, 24 people with only 5 or so in Pediatrics is so small!

    Why I chose Columbia: I am doing the dual program with the public health school so that was a big selling point for me. I think the program is maybe a little too big 170 or so people in my class but I would rather have too big than too small. When I came for visiting day I left excited, even if the campus isn't the most wonderful or bustling campus in the world it felt right. A big plus over the other schools in my mind is that Columbia is part of a medical center with 2 of it's own world-renowned hospitals, in a network of 5 or 6 others. There is also a medical, dental, PT, OT, and public health school all on the same campus. Right now the schools are fairly separate but there are a ton of opportunities available at all of the schools. And the faculty is working hard to create classes that bring together all of the schools which I think is amazing.

    I am doing the Pediatrics specialty and while it is/will be challenging I don't think it is needlessly so and I am excited to take it on. Columbia does not coddle you. They are not mean, in fact I think the staff are wonderful (others may disagree) but to thrive here I do think you need to be a more assertive personality. Take initiative, speak up, advocate for yourself. If you are timid you might not do so well.

    As for the application process, my best advice- and I'm sure this is nothing new to you- is to focus on the personal statement. During orientation they said they read and reread each and every one of our essays and I think that it is true. My fellow students have come from such a diverse background and have done amazing things. The beauty of a second degree program is the wide range of experiences people bring to the table. More than anything else Columbia seems to really take that into account.
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    phnurse, I almost applied to Columbia last year as well, I'm glad you're liking it! I'm in Northeastern's program, if anyone has any questions. Good luck!
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    PHNursestudent, thanks for all the info! Quick question, are you doing pediatrics primary care or pediatrics oncology? Do you know much about the pediatric oncology specialty at Columbia?