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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to... Read More

  1. by   kdiem
    I don't think I'm applying to NYU anymore =\ my nurse-midwife mentor told me the program there is a bit disorganized and still in the works but I am applying to 12 schools in total, so that... a lot lol. So far I've submitted Penn, UCSF, Marquette, Columbia and Hopkins. I'm going to submit Yale at the end of the week and Boston College next week. It's definitely crunch time! We got this morgan and hopeful!
  2. by   morganw1
    The midwife program or the program in general? 12 is a whole bunch! way to keep your options open, you will definitely get in to at least one.
  3. by   kdiem
    The mid-wifery program. And yes, since my stats are nothing to brag about I'm definitely applying to many schools. This whole process is extremely tedious and emotionally I want to make sure I won't have to go through it again next year
  4. by   morganw1
    I wish more programs had acute care then It would be easier for me to tack on a few more schools. What are the 12?
  5. by   hopefulnurse24
    I hope I don't have to reapply either, because it really is expensive and tedious... but I just need to have faith that everything will work out how its meant to be and that I will be led to the right place.

    I'm only applying to 5 as of now, maybe a 6th one come March if I don't get good news from any of the programs... I'm getting very, very nervous though. I'm having a lot of anxiety over it all!
  6. by   meep05
    Is anyone applying to BC or MGH? Do you know if they require interviews??
  7. by   RVLy
    Hey anaboo5,

    I applied to BC and MGH! Both of them don't do interviews, although I did hear that sometimes MGH will call applicants for an "informal" interview.
  8. by   meep05
    thanks for the info rvly! is anyone applying to john hopkins paid clinical residency and know how much more competitive it is than just the BSN/MSN? is anyone else a respiratory therapist?!!!
  9. by   the healer's art
    Quote from anaboo5
    thanks for the info rvly! is anyone applying to john hopkins paid clinical residency and know how much more competitive it is than just the BSN/MSN? is anyone else a respiratory therapist?!!!
    I was going to apply to that program but then I read this:

    When I fill out the application, am I required to declare a specific area of CNS interest?
    No, you will not do that at the time of application. You will be mentored and, depending on the needs of the residency site and your placement, you will develop a specific area of specialty.
    that you don't get to pick your speciality and I was not okay with that. I have no idea how competetive it is but I am assuming it is much more competetive than the regular BSN/MSN.
  10. by   hopefulnurse24
    And a CNS is different from an NP, which is also something to keep in mind.

    A bit of news to share... I received word that I could interview for Johns Hopkins earlier this week. I'm VERY excited, but trying not to get my hopes up, because I have no idea how many people they interview and what exactly it means for me. I will be doing a phone interview in early November
  11. by   meep05
    OMG! congrats! that so exciting? did you do early admission?? I better get my application in soon! Did you use 2 academic recommendations and one employer?
  12. by   meep05
    I might be going to Boston in a few weeks and I would potentially have the opportunity to meet with an advisor at BC and MGH. Do you think meeting with one of the advisor gives your face to the name on the application and can help you out? Or do you think its not that big of a deal? I live in California and I am unable to go to any info session or anything for any school so this might be a good opportunity, but i dont know if its really worth the trip out there, since im traveling every weekend in nov.! What do you guys think?
  13. by   hopefulnurse24
    I actually did not do early admission. I was considering it for awhile, which is why I completed my application so early, but I ended up not doing it because I wanted to be able to consider all of my options (I am hoping that I have some!). I used two academic recommendations, and a nurse who is a volunteer supervisor and mentor, so I guess that could kind of be considered an employer. I don't actually work right now... I was a part time nanny, but I actually am no longer doing that due to major time constraints this semester.

    I really don't think that meeting face to face matters. They get so many applications that they probably wouldn't remember, to be quite honest, unless if you had something that would make you stand out significantly compared to other applicants that you mentioned when meeting face to face, that would also be on your resume or transcript or something - and I mean something major. If you're already going out there, then I'd go for it, because it would be a cool way to get more information and to visit different campuses, but I wouldn't make a special trip out there for it.