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Anyone on here applying to direct entry MSN programs that begin in summer or fall of 2013? I think I have finalized my list of programs to apply to, and I am beginning to get everything together to... Read More

  1. by   morganw1
    Just sent in my transcripts today for Penn and Columbia and I used FedEX. It was pretty pricey but the lady said it would be at the schools by Wednesday. FedEX gives you tracking numbers with everythings so i'm feeling good about it. I will probably submit Penn next week and then Columbia a couple days after. how's everyone else coming along?
  2. by   kdiem
    Hi JP999!

    Yeah I emailed They are pretty quick and laid out everything that they've received from my (gre scores, transcripts, LOR's). They also said that soon enough we should be able to check online to see if everything is in. They do have a very strict deadline in having all LOR's in. So I'd be sure to have all materials in by Oct 15th!

    All of this transcript business is a nightmare! I wish there was a better way to do it...
  3. by   OSU246
    Hello All,
    I am new to this thread and am applying to the ohio state direct entry np program. I am a respiratory therapist at a level 1 trauma center in columbus ohio. I will lay out my stats.
    gpa: 3.46
    gre: good on the math.. ok on the verbal
    good clinical experiance
    last thing to do is the personal statement.. anyone else having trouble with that?

    any others looking into the Ohio state program?
  4. by   the healer's art
    When do we apply for financial aid? Are they due with the applications or later on?

    Anyone else apply to UVA? The application is due tomorrow. I kind of like that all the applications aren't due at the same time. If I get in there I won't have to apply to some of my other schools and save some application money!
  5. by   morganw1
    I think each school has a due date for financial aid and some have it on their websites others will say after you get accepted. I know you can start applying after January 1st for FAFSA. I'm not tackling that until I at least get an interview.
  6. by   hollysf
    I know from reading previous year's boards that several schools send out financial aid packets via mail. I think this usually happens after the first of the year. This makes me assume that we probably don't have to bother with it until January. I am certain that every school is different though, so I would definitely contact them!
  7. by   the healer's art
    Why do they ask what other schools you are applying to? What do they do with that information? is it important to list every single school?
  8. by   morganw1
    Vanderbilt is the only application that asked me that. I'm not sure what they do with it. maybe they take a tally of the other schools you are considering and see their competition. Do you have to answer it? If you're worried then don't put anything down.
  9. by   hopefulnurse24
    I don't think you're required to answer it... I would just leave it blank, honestly.
  10. by   hollysf
    I also decided to leave it blank.
  11. by   kdiem
    I'm planning to leave that area blank too.
  12. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    Healer's Art:

    At UVa, you would apply for aid in January if you were admitted. We will use your FAFSA results reflecting your income for 2012 to put together a package in the spring in advance of the cohort that starts in May. In this way, admisisons is totally need blind --- the admissions committee has no way of considering any need when making their admissions decisions. Admissions decisions should be announced around December 20th.

    The University received around 30,000 graduate applications for all schools (law, MBA, MD, engineering, arts/sciences, nursing, education, architecture, public affairs, etc). The Financial Aid office does not want to have the SSNs or financial aid applications for all of those potential students anywhere; they only want to receive the SSNs/FAFSA reports of those who are actually enrolling. For this reason, graduate students apply for aid AFTER being admitted here.
  13. by   hopefulnurse24
    It's official... every transcript I've sent out as of now has been received! I'm so happy I could cry! My things were received in Philadelphia a few days after the 25th, and I sent out my transcripts to JHU from my hometown while visiting, and they were received in 3 days! So now I know that my post office is probably just really slow. Now I just need to finish two more applications, for now, and send in my transcripts next week... and this awful essay writing and transcript-sending process will be complete (until I take on NYU next semester!). I hope to submit two more applications today by finishing the essays and paying to submit them, pick up more transcripts at the end of this week, and send them out in the mail next Monday!

    I hope everything is going well for everyone else. I'm happy to be nearly done with this process. It's certainly a stressful (and expensive!) process, but I know it will all pay off. I'm hoping each and every one of us hears good news, and gets into our top choices.

    Question about JHU - I received an email after my application was accepted, which said it was rolling admissions. I was unaware of this. It said that applications would be reviewed in the order received. Has it always been like this? For some reason, I thought everyone heard around the same time regarding interviews and whether they were accepted or not. Any insight would be helpful!