1. 0 I am looking at my future and trying to see which is a better field to get into. My BSN GPA is somewhere between 3.2 and 3.4 (depending on this semester's grades). I love psych but I hear that psych is not the area to get into these days since the funding for psych patients on Medicare/Medicaid (which a lot of these patients are on) are getting cut or severely reduced. I have been told to stay away from psych from actual people in the field. They are going back to school to get out of the field anyway. I find CRNA interesting as well and I know that the pay is better in that field. The downside is that the schools are more competitive and I would have to wait longer to even apply since I do not currently work in a critical care environment and most schools have a minimum of 1-2 years required to apply. I was just wondering if anyone in either of these areas has insight as to what the reality is once out of school in these areas. It it hard to find a job in your area like the RN new grad problem? Is mental health really dying out as fast as they say it is? I just want some more information before I commit to a school and program that will cost as much as grad schools do. Thanks!!
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