Continue onto Masters or take time off??

  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm kinda facing a dilemma here. I am in Columbia's ETP program which is a BSN-MSN direct entry program. I will finish my BSN in May and am having trouble deciding if I should do the MSN part here or not.

    Basically, I know I want to work as an RN for quite a few years before working as an FNP. However, through my direct entry program I have already done some of the Masters course work and everything is all setup for me to continue in June (no time off between BSN/MSN). This is a decent time in my life to just get all the education over with and I feel as though its all sitting there on a sliver platter but I'm not sure if it would be bad to have my MSN and be an NP but working as an RN?? And then eventually get a job as an NP a like five years later??

    Anyone have any experience with this?

    Oh and the other facter is Columbia's masters is going to cost me at least $35k even with the scholarship and I could do the FNP part back in California (where my husband and I eventually want to live) for $9k....


    Thanks!! I'm super confused and the time is ticking...
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  3. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    The grad credit that you have completed at Columbia would likely transfer back to a graduate program in CA (or elsewhere). Columbia is an excellent University, and most universities would not question the quality of the grad classes you have completed.

    Taking a break is not a bad thing. I have known many individuals who have left with a BSN for very valid reasons, and then entered a MSN program when they were ready and experienced.
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