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Hello, I was wondering if anyone here has recently done this program or thinking about attending. It is a 15 month program at the College of Mount St Joseph in Cincinnati. I applied and was set to... Read More

  1. by   James2013
    Yay! Conditionally accepted for may 2013!! Just have to finish nutrition test!
  2. by   sunnyjohn
    Any idea on how many student they accept for each cohort? I wont be able to get my completed application in until at least December and have all the pre-reqs save one. My last transcript is what will cause the delay. I have been eyeing the progam at MSJ sine it was a MN program in 2007 and I am thrilled that it is now an MSN. I really think this is the direction I am being lead. I am so ready to get on to nursing school and get going with things as I have put this off for so long.
  3. by   James2013
    50 in may, 25 in august
  4. by   OhRN2
    Around 45-50 start in May... we had I think 46 start and by mid-second semester we are down to the low 30's (long story there). Your cohorts are a good size.... you'll be divided into two sections so we had about 23 in each class at the beginning and this is who you go through the entire program with. Smaller sections start in August and they are all one class.
  5. by   primetimewillis
    I am starting in May and excited as well!!!
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  6. by   perioddrama
    Quote from primetimewillis
    I am starting in May and excited as well!!!
  7. by   NewcareerforCP
    Hello all...I am starting the program in August 2013. This will be a complete career change for me so I am both nervous and excited!
  8. by   Nursetobe1991
    I am looking to apply to this program after graduating with a bachelors in zoology in May 2013. I think I will have a 3.0 gpa when i graduate. Has anyone gotten into this program with a gpa around that? Please let me know
  9. by   kespelage14
    I think my overall gpa was a 3.2 and I was accepted, finishing up my first semester in the program.
  10. by   kespelage14
    OhRN2, I'm a semester behind you. Can you tell me about the Pharmacology lab, and what you have to do for the test? I'm already getting worried about it lol
  11. by   primetimewillis
    Hello all, Where should I look for scholarship opportunities? Some suggested websites would help.
  12. by   OhRN2
    To Nursetobe1991 - a 3.0 should be fine. If they aren't comfortable with it, they will ask you to take the GRE. If you get called for an interview, ask if they see your GPA interfering with your acceptance. They will be very honest. But, I believe as long as you are above 3.0 you are fine.

    kespelage14 - Pharm Lab! Lucky you So I hear you guys get a couple of weeks longer than us which will be very nice!! I don't want to scare you, but a lot of the ppl did NOT pass ALL of the skills. And, there is a written exam at the end that you HAVE to get above a 75 on to stay in the program. I did fine on that but we had some who didn't. Otherwise, the quizzes definitely prep you for the exam. My suggestion is to practice each skill as you learn it. So, you will learn how to pass Oral Meds on day one. Come in on Saturday and practice that like three times. STEP BY STEP from the beginning through documentation. Then, the next week when you learn how to give SubQ and IM shots... come in on Saturday, run through oral meds once or twice (it takes the longest but is the easiest to mess up on I think) and then do your SubQ and IM several times. Then the same when you learn how to hang a piggyback or start a mainline or do a push. That way, when the lab is totally crowded the weekend before you won't be trying to cram everything in.

    Otherwise, have a wonderful semester I can't lie and tell you it is going to be super easy, but I got straight A's so it can't be that bad ;-) If you struggle - buy the Davis Success books - a lot of ppl in my class said they helped them a ton. Good luck!
  13. by   OhRN2
    And for scholarships, if you are a minority or under-represented population in nursing (first generation college student, male, LGBT, etc.) then you should definitely apply for the Robert Wood Johnson Scholarship. You can find info on it on the colleges website. I am a white female and I got it because I am the first female on BOTH sides of my family to graduate from college and of course the first to attend grad school. It is $10,000 so paid for the first semester and some. There is also the Catherine Relihan scholarship listed on the website that is for people who want to be nurse leaders. It is $5000. Otherwise, look at the AACN and their scholarships. There are a lot of random ones that require essays for $1000 or so. I would get started now because if I remember correctly many deadlines were around the first of the year - February (that is, if you are starting in May 2013). Good luck.