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Has anyone thought about applying to any of the Brandman University DNP programs? It's an adult education university with a really innovative schedule to get you out of school in 2-3 yrs.... Read More

  1. by   kansas1234
    I applied to 5 other schools and did get accepted to all 5. I was offered 4 grants from 4 of the schools and that is free tuition... Free doesn't always mean good.... I
    will let you know how things go in a few months when things get rolling.

    Sally Ann
  2. by   kansas1234
    So far so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sally Ann
  3. by   DNP-SSD
    I am a FNP currently enrolled in the post MSN-DNP program. I chose the PMHNP option, which Brandman calls is "adding" a specialty. Think very carefully before enrolling. The school is neither good, nor bad. As someone said previously, you'll get what you put into it.
    1. On average, I spend 20 hours a week in between reading assignments, writing papers, responding to comments posted on discussion boards, etc. Some students spend less time, others spend more. Your choice. Once I make a commitment, I give it my best shot, whether I like it or not. No sense wasting time and money. No half measures here.
    2. You are required to be employed while you are a student. Your assignments require you to have access to patients.
    3. Yes, many classes/assignments seem like a waste of time. Somebody designed them with some required requisites for the DNP in mind. Senseless? Yes. Required? I suppose. A bunch of PhD/doctoral-types got together and came up with the minimum requirements for 'doctorally-prepared' nurse practitioners, so we follow those requirement. But hey, I felt the same way about "Nursing Diagnosis" while I was studying to be a nurse, and I still have to learn them, and use them. Something to do with the "LANGUAGE OF NURSING" in order to be a truly recognized discipline, we must have our own language. Again, doctoral-speak. Cant fight them.
    4. Clinicals: You will be required to complete 32 hours a week (YES!). This will be accomplished while you do your readings for the concurrent class associated with the clinicals, as well as maintaining your work obligations, family affairs, showering, et al. NOT doable, IMHO.
    5. I had to move my clinicals to the end of my Ed Plan. SNaHP not happy but if they had mandated that I keep the schedule with the clinicals in the middle, I would have dropped from program. I am planning on taking a leave of absence from work, and it is possible that they will fire me instead. So I couldn't afford to take that chance, since I need access to my worksite in order to complete the dissertation project. YES, you will be doing both things at same time.
    6. One class per 8 week is usually the format, but oftentimes you are required to take two classes at the same time. NOT doable for me, as I work full time, and have family obligations that cannot be relegated until the end of the program. Kids would be grown up by then.
    7. Online format allows for doing the school work at any time: a plus when we are too busy and cannot commute to and from school several times a week/month.
    8. You will meet lots of other nursing professionals that will give and receive support from you! That is priceless.
    9. Program could be better organized. Likely due to fact that all professors have full time work elsewhere, and no one on particular give the program their all? That is my guess-timation, not corroborated in any shape, way or form.
    10. I will graduate. I will get my DNP and I will be a psych NP.
  4. by   DNP-SSD
    I forgot to mention, in re to being accepted into program, I only applied to this school since it offered the mental health option in an online format, and the cost was way more reasonable then the University of San Diego (my alma mater): a great school but I didn't want to fight traffic, parking, and having to attend campus 2-4 times a week; i have no time for that! I got accepted faster than I had imagined, and had not prepared mentally for the challenges. That was, in hindsight, probably a good thing. Currently in the middle of my fourth class out of 13.... If you were accepted, congratulations. Get your affairs in order, hire some help, or a clone and enjoy!
  5. by   trinarn94

    Thank you for your very informative review of Brandman's PMHNP Program. It looks like that is the route I will be taking. Although I hear the difficulty in your message, it sounds like it will be the only option for me. My only other choice is to wait until I'm retired and go to USD at that time (that doesn't make a lot of sense, now does it?). I interviewed at USD last week and the professor I interviewed with told me in no uncertain terms that I would not make it if I tried to work fulltime. I believe they will be accepting me for their fall, 2013 start date (should hear 04-10), but I just can't stop working all together right now. My husband is retired and I'm the primary support right now, as well as responsible for carrying our health insurance (although he could get Medicare if he wanted to). To make matters worse, I don't work in clinical nursing. I work in managed care (insurance) as a case manager and my job is being eliminated probably by July. I am interviewing for positions, so I won't be a long-time employee by the time I will need to ask for LOA to do clinical. On a positive note, I expect I'll be working in a hospital or large healthcare system, so I'll have access to patient experiences, but not necessarily psych. Why do they ask you when you apply to list 5 places where you could do your psych clinical? I just assumed they would be helping to arrange for that. Anyway, I'm in a quandary, but know I can't stop working altogether and just go to school as I've got bills to pay (not to mention tuition). So we shall see. Thanks again.

  6. by   STL nurse
    Hi Sally Ann,

    I will be starting the acute care BSN-DNP in Jan. and have some questions. I see that you already are a NP, how do find the program to be going? When you received your NP was it also online? Any feedback would be great!

  7. by   trinarn94
    Hi all:

    I have a phone interview today for entry into spring semester at Brandman this coming January. I have lots of questions, and am really not sure that I want to do the DNP in the online format. My BS and my MSN were both completed in online programs with clinical in my community....all done while I worked fulltime. I'm now at a new RN CM position, with probably less flexibility as far as time off than the one I'd been at for 8 years, and I'm concerned. If they offer, not sure if I'll accept, but I'm going through the process. I really wanted to do the DNP in a brick and mortar setting, but can't afford to not work right now. I am applying for the PMHNP program BSN-DNP. Although I've already got my MSN, it's not in a clinical specialty. It's in nursing administration and I don't work in nursing admin nor do I want to. I'm a case manager.

  8. by   LilRNonthePrairie
    How are things going for those of you at Brandman?
  9. by   NursesROCK, MSN, RN
    Happy Holidays! I got accepted at Brandman University's BSN-DNP Program starting this January. Please I'd like to ask anyone that's in the program what they think about Brandman School of Nursing Program? How did you or are you liking the program/school? Please anything you can tell me about your experience there; the program, faculty, support system, etc will greatly be appreciated. I'm excited about the admission but a little skeptical about the school as I have read some not too good things about the school. Please I'd appreciate it if anyone can message me back. Thanks.
  10. by   kenyohunt1
    Hello there I just got accepted as well. I will be in the PPM-DNP also adding the psych specialty. Starting in January as well. Very excited. I live in WV where are you from?
  11. by   kenyohunt1
    I have spoken with some people on FB that are currently in the program or just graduated and they have all said good things. They said it is a lot of work. You start working on your project day one.
  12. by   NursesROCK, MSN, RN
    Hi kenyohunt1,
    Thanks for replying back and congratulations. I've gotten in touch with people on facebook as well and they few that replied back seem to like the program. I feel a lot better now I'm from Los Angeles, not too far from the school.