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Has anyone thought about applying to any of the Brandman University DNP programs? It's an adult education university with a really innovative schedule to get you out of school in 2-3 yrs.... Read More

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    I'm presently a NP and going for Acute DNP....

    Did anyone hear from BU?

    Sally Ann

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    I have been able to access my decision online through savy diddling with the programs. But the answer is ambiguous, it says: Application Decision: MADE, Decision: Contact Admissions.
    So I did, and after 10 days of calling and emailing, and being spoken to like I am annoying them, even though it says "contact admissions" I think that even though I want to attend Brandman the most, I am losing interest as time goes by. The Intensive is in 6 weeks, no decision... The staff only communicate via email, even throughout departments, and the high horse they are sitting on is getting a lil to big for their britches..... I am glad I applied other places, I receieved early decision from a school in the top 8 in US New World Report. If the manner I am being treated is an indication of what is to come, I am loosing interest daily. I cannot go into 70k debt and be miserable for the next 3 years. My favorite was when I returned a call and the person simply hung up on me. My opinion is changing.
    It might be interesting to find out if retention and gradation statistics are similar to what I have found- which are poor. I am disappointed all around. Still like the program a lot, but rethinking the 9 other schools I applied to. (one of which charges $294 per credit hr, same degree...) and they have already reviewed my application, given me transfer credit reports, etc....
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    I just got accepted to the program...I will be attending in January....
    For Rich all I heard is great things about this school....
    Good luck to everyone who is seeking admission....

    Sally Ann
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    So kacsper:

    How is it going so far. I just graduated with an MSN in Nursing Administration from CSUDH and I wanted to apply for fall or spring 2013 admission. I would be doing the PMHNP program.
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    I 'm getting ready to go to Calif. in Jan. for my first 4 day session. Will be traveling with my twin sister who will drop me off when the program starts and pick me up after it ends...
    I heard great spirits about everything that will go on...

    Sally Ann
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    So Sally Ann:

    I had responded to kacsper because it sounded like (a bunch of threads back) that he was starting right away (a year or more ago), but now that I've read through all the threads it sounds like he's rethinking his options. I just finished my MSN and want a break before I start, so I'll be applying the next application period. What specialty are you doing? I live in Southern CA so it's only a couple of hours drive, or I can save mileage and fly. I've been also looking at programs in other parts of the US, but it sort of makes sense to do a program that's a little closer to home. Did you apply to other DNP programs?
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    Does anyone know how to change your screen name? Looks like I won't be going from LPN2RN2BSN2MSN but instead I'll be going straight to DNP! I'm looking forward to meeting you all in January. Heads up to all you new Brandman DNP enrollees, school starts on a Sunday. See you there.
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    Quote from LPN2RN2BSN2MSN
    Does anyone know how to change your screen name? Looks like I won't be going from LPN2RN2BSN2MSN but instead I'll be going straight to DNP!
    See this:
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    I applied to 5 other schools and did get accepted to all 5. I was offered 4 grants from 4 of the schools and that is free tuition... Free doesn't always mean good.... I
    will let you know how things go in a few months when things get rolling.

    Sally Ann
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    So far so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sally Ann

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