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I am looking for a quality online postmasters certificate for FNP. I have my MSN-Nurse Anesthesia from the University of Cincinnati and now wish to get my FNP cert. My schedule makes it impossible... Read More

  1. by   bzmom
    I am currently a student at Frontier in their MSN FNP program. If their post masters is anything like the program I am doing (pretty sure it is), then it is a quality program. Currently, I am a little frustrated with the preceptor finalization, but the school is working really hard to make this process easier. Frontier is known for their quality education with an emphasis on serving underserved areas after graduation. It has a rich history and an affordable tuition.

    Most of the information you are wondering about can be found on their website. They don't weed people out because they only accept very small class sizes. Attrition rates are approx 10% and most of that is due to "life circumstances"... a family member becomes ill, unexpected pregnancy, etc. It is intense and rigorous. I can tell you that I am glad I went with Frontier and I feel that I will be well prepared by the time I am done. They don't have a 96% pass rate on the first round of certification exams for nothing . Hope all this helps!

  2. by   Sully64
    Has anyone completed one recently?
  3. by   Kciccone
    Hello, I am replying to an OLD post from 2011- I am looking for a POST Masters FNP or DNP program. I completed my MSN at WGU in leadership and management- and I enjoyed the "work at your on pace" program- can you give me any tips on a POST masters ONLINE FNP program? Thanks- Kelly ciccone