B.S. in MCD Biology -> nursing?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm a recent grad w/ a B.S. in Molecular and Cell Biology in California. I realized too late that what I want to do as a career wasn't working in a lab/research, biotech or in academia, and that my dream is to become a nurse and help/interact with people. My school didn't have nursing so I couldn't switch, and by that time I was completing my junior year already. Anyway, I graduated with a cum gpa of 3.01. Not that great. I know how competitive programs are, especially here in California (I am open to out of state though!), but I was wondering what direction I should go in. I took some prereqs before, Statistics and Microbiology from my undergrad institution (B and B+). I took psychology 1 at my community college as a summer class during undergrad too (A). I'm looking to take the rest of nursing prereqs at community college too and am going to work hard to get all A's in those. I also have experience volunteering at a hospital (w/ patient interaction) every summer from freshman year of highschool to junior year of college. I'm planning to start again but year round (not just summers) this time since I've moved back to my hometown. I'm also in the process of studying for the GRE since some MSN programs do require it.

    I don't really know which pathway is best for me right now. ADN (and become licensed RN, then eventually work on getting a BSN?), ABSN or direct entry MSN. I'm not sure I'd be a competitive applicant with the last two options since my gpa is low. Do you guys have any advice on which is a good pathway is more realistic for me to get into, or how I can improve my chances? I don't want to give up on my dream.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   goofeegirl
    I was a second degree student and was accepted to an ABSN when I applied for nursing. My grades were better than yours but I was still wait listed. Entry into nursing school is highly competetive these days and (at least in my area) you need to have a 4.0 in your pre-reqs to even be considered nowadays.

    Have you considered going to a community college and retaking your pre-reqs to boost your grades? I took classes with a girl who wasn't accepted to MD school and was prepping for PA school. She re-took her classes at a community college and was accepted to Duke. It's an option.

    Best of luck to you!