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I just applied to the Entry Level Masters program for Azusa Pacificu University and the deadline was November 1st....has anyone received a phone call for an interview? They are very vague on when you... Read More

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    my verbal comm. class is left..but in canada we dont have public speaking courses...these are just taught as certificate programs ... interpersonal comm. is avaliable..so I am just going thru this conflict!

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    KaurRR you should go to the SD campus, im a fellow canadian so we can be buds

    My interview went well! I had to write an essay when i got there, they gave me twenty minutes. I dont know if all essays are the same, I assume not, but mine asked me if i could meet two people dead alive or fictional who would i pick and what would i ask over a coffee. So i think they just want to see how your verbal skills are. Nothing too intense. I live in OC right now (NB) but i want to live in SD so i told them I prefer SD but im available for any of the spots. She said they review on the 10th and we wont hear anything until at least after christmas, prob more like early mid january via snail mail. I thought i was all done with my pre reqs but as it turns out I need Research Methods so annoying because i was hoping to get into an earlier cohort, but what can ya do!?

    The interview was pretty much just going over the course work, my pre reqs and literally two questions about why i want to be a nurse. Its very mellow considering how much i hyped it up in my head. They are all very nice when you go in. Different then state universities ive noticed. I feel like here youre not just a number, most schools seem to be annoyed by your presence at all times.
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    Quote from KaurRR
    Mine was over the phone cz I live in Canada. I had same thought for campus preference. My interview was really short, she reviewed my prereqs with me..m still left with one which m gonna take in winter sem..she did not ask me to do writing task ....I don't know I have a chance to get in or not
    my friend who applied to the main campus never took a writing test either and she got accepted in, so it might be a new thing, or maybe just the SD campus does it? When i told her about my essay, she had no idea what i was talking about....so dont fret
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    eyy!! thanx for the information! I live in BC..in my college..only we have interpersonal comm...there is no verbal or speech class here! I have no idea what to do! Waiting for their reply now
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    The situation was quite same for me as well..i thought i am done with all prereqs but still left with verbal..
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    can you take the course at APU? maybe move down here early? or just take it at a community college while you get situated wherever you move to.

    I was born in Surrey (Bla) but lived in Langley. All my family is spread out between BC and Alberta. Where do you live and why did you choose APU out of all the schools you could go to, and why not take a nursing course in Canada? I hear its alot easier to get in up there then in California where everything is impacted. California is amazing, but its by far the hardest state to get a nursing school slot. I say if youre just moving out here and dont care where you go, you should live on the coast and San Diego is amazing, but its not a university as much as it is an office building you go to. so if you want a university campus atmosphere, id go to the main campus, but if you want to love where you live, go to SD
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    mmcnabb3: isn't an interpersonal communications class ok for the public speech requirement? I had taken public speech previously for my BA and enrolled in an interpersonal communications course for the other schools I was applying to. They thought I was using it as my speech requirement until I told them I had taken Public Speech previously. Once I was offered admissions, I was told I could drop interpersonal communications (but I didn't because it was past the drop deadline).

    I would contact admissions and see if interpersonal communications will replace public speech.
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    I live in bUrnaby..I am not taking nursing in canada cz they dont have direct entry program..I would love to go to SD.. ... Thanks for info KayT88 ...I did same I enrolled in interpersonal comm. class...
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    Good luck to everyone who applied...would like to get updates as you guys get news
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    Hey guys! I applied to APU for Fall 2013 as well, but am kinda stressed cuz I haven't gotten a phone call for an interview/advising session yet. I called them a couple weeks ago (before thanksgiving) and they said they haven't reviewed apps yet. I turned in my app a week before the deadline (Oct. 26) but yeah haven't heard anything.

    Ahh what do you guys think I should do? should I call them again (lol or would that bother them too much?) are they done with the interviewing (since today's already the 10th?)

    Best of luck to everyone here who applied ! New user on allnurses here hehe.

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