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I just applied to the Entry Level Masters program for Azusa Pacificu University and the deadline was November 1st....has anyone received a phone call for an interview? They are very vague on when you... Read More

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    Thanks! *fingers crossed* According to this forum, they look at applications beginning next week. I'm assuming that's a lengthy process so probably the rest of December. But I don't think there's an exact date for acceptance letters. Maybe someone else on this site can enlighten us both soon with some information that I don't know.

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    thank you for the valuable information!
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    lilyr and kaurRR what campus interviewed you guys? I heard it would take most of dec to review and interview so studets should fine out early jan.
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    During my advising session, I was asked about any campus preference but I told them I am not interested in particular campus..she said we ll put you in Azusa
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    KamurRR:Oh ok I was just wondering where you did your advising session. I told them I also didn't care about which campus I ended up at I think if students don't have a preference they put u where spots are available at least thats what I understood. How was your interview did you have to do a writing sample?
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    Mine was over the phone cz I live in Canada. I had same thought for campus preference. My interview was really short, she reviewed my prereqs with me..m still left with one which m gonna take in winter sem..she did not ask me to do writing task ....I don't know I have a chance to get in or not
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    Venusg04: how was ur interview ??
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    The interview went wel...I think...I too am a little nervous and don't really know what my chances of getting in really are. Did they mention when they would get back to you?
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    i just called APU, they said they will review applications on dec 11th and we ll know results by end of december or by early january! I have some prereq issues..i Dont know I ll be able to get in or not!
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    That's good to hear!! What the prereq issues?? I have one class left to take and hopefully I will take care of that this winter session, if you applied for Fall 2013 you have until the start of the APU fall semester to get your classes done so it shouldn't be a problem.

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