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I just applied to the Entry Level Masters program for Azusa Pacificu University and the deadline was November 1st....has anyone received a phone call for an interview? They are very vague on when you might hear something so I... Read More

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    Hey I am not sure that they are done with interviews and since there are 3 different campuses that offer the program so each one might have slightly different dates. So maybe you shouldn't be worried.

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    Tmrw they ll review applications and will decide who ll be in ..good luck everyone
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    Ahhhhhhh so nervous! Hopefully we find out sooner rather than later but I think they are making decisions this whole week. Good luck let's keep each other updated!
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    I say call them. I have had two completely different stories told to me by the school. At first they said no one gets a call until after the committee meets on the tenth,(which was also told to another student who commented on the first page) but then a few days after i called, they called me and said i needed to get to an interview before the 10th....so i dont know. i also heard every applicant gets a phone call and an interview, so i would just call them and find out. i was scared to be annoying too, but i think it just shows them your interested.
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    I don't whether they are meeting up for fall or spring entry ??
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    they are meeting for Fall 2013...thats what i was told during my interview. Spring is already done and the slots are full. Once you get accepted in, there are a lot of paper work and screenings so to start in january would now be too late.

    You need your records of all your shots (and mine are nowhere to be found...looks like ill be getting a round of TB measles and all that once again) have to do a drug test, pay the down payment, submit CPR card etc...its a process for sure
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    Hey canadian bud!!! Their spring starts in may!!
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    I'm pretty sure the spring starts in Jan and summer in may unless I'm missing something...anyway I believe the review is for the fall 2013 term all other semesters are closed and full.
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    I thought states have quarters winter,spring,summer and fallIn Canada it's semesters spring/winter, summer and fall
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    We do have quarters but we also have semesters which are spring summer and fall. Depends on the school Azusa is on semesters.

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