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I am writing to see if anyone has attended or heard good things about Maryville University's FNP program? They are starting a new online FNP program next year, but am kind of leery because I am not... Read More

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    I was told that the program was like $24-$25,000....but $31,000 is good too and it's better than $60-$80,000 NP programs that other universities are charging for the same content. I am excited about getting started and I understand that 6 weeks prior to the class start date is when the school will contact us for class schedules and so forth......I for one am interested in getting a scholarship and the financial aid department acts like they don't know what that is relative to a graduate nursing financial aid academic scholarship????? So why would you want to attend Cinncinnatti's MSN program? They rejected my application a year ago and told me not to re-apply !!!!!! Can you imagine that????? How pompous and unprofessional. I would never encourage anyone to attend that program for that very reason. Their recruiters are rude and fail to communicate which I found disconcerting. Anyway Maryville appears to be much more professional and they want students to obtain a good education and don't have this 'entitled attitude' that many other graduate nursing programs seem to exhibit. Anyway, I am sooo happy for you and hope that we can interact if you decide to attend Maryville University. Congratulations too by the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    smartpants31us you sent me a PM and I can't PM you back, I don't have access to that here is your response, hope you find it.

    I got my BSN from Salve Regina University in Newport, RI. My undergrad GPA was 3.1....mets the requirements, but obviously could be better and had me a little worried. The recruiter said it should be fine though and it was. I did not take the GRE, it was not required from any of the schools I applied to. I had three recommendations- one from my assist director of nursing at my facility and two others from instructors I had in college. I worked as a GN for three months in a skilled nursing facility, took my boards and a break ( I had my son) and then I have been at another skilled nursing facility for about 1 year and four months. Which the recruiter said was enough experience. I found out via email I was accepted for Aug 27th start on 5/29/12, my application was officially submitted on 5/8/12. So exactly three weeks. Did you talk with a recruiter or enrollment adviser. Because I really sent all my stuff in months before that and didn't know that I needed an enrollment adviser to take all the stuff I sent in and officially submit it to the committee. I hope you get it!!! Let me know. I wish I could talk to someone in the program now to know what to expect.
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    It might be that cost for in-state tuition. I am out of state from RI. She said the cost had gone up since I applied about a grand. I am okay with that price. It seems pretty fair for the entire program and cheaper than a lot of other schools. I never spoke with the financial aid department. My recruiter/admissions person I spoke with said as well as I had my FAFSA done it would come in three weeks and if it was sooner she would let me know. The packet she emailed me said you can get it online on access Maryville, I tried that and I don't have an account to log in there. I hope to get some grants or scholarships to off set the cost a little, then I would be very happy!! So I can't wait to get it.

    I am not that big on University of Cincinnati. Between the two processes I like the communication I have had with Maryville better. But the program outlines and information have been more detailed from Cincinnati. They sent me a schema and everything and I can't seem to get one from Maryville. I also hate that when you go on Maryville's website you can't see anything unless you put contact info in, which have done so many times so I was able to re-look at some information. I wish I got like a packet of information in the mail to look through, maybe it will come, I only just got in.

    I can't believe that they told you that!!!!! Shocking. It's weird that it is taking so long to hear from them also. But I only care because I would like to compare my financial aid between the schools and program and be able to make a choice. It is not all about money, but it does play a part. It turns me off that they treated you so badly. But like I said I don't think I will get in there anyways and I am not counting on it. Since I got in at Maryville I was so happy!!!! I would love to keep in touch Especially since I read there are group projects!! Do you know when we enroll in classes and find out what books we need to buy?? I would like to get a head start on some reading before I am only given a week to read 6 chapters that are 300 pages or something crazy like when I was an undergrad.
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    ALSO CONGRATS nursegirl2001!!!!
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    Like you I too am excited and I also want to order my books before school starts so that I can get a leg up on the assignments. Email your recruiter and ask....that is what I am going to do. I am a bit bewildered though that my financial aid advisor is acting like she is unaware of any scholarships There is definitely something wrong with that picture but at any rate I will just have to grin and bear it I suppose. Nursing is no doubt a challenging field and science but we have made it this far thank God. I am sure that if we dedicate and manage our time well we will get through. They have not provided us with any more detail relative to classes and all. I too wish they did. Maybe they don't want to either scare off prospective students or are avoiding criticism relative to their curriculum.......
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    Hi. I'm new to this forum however I too just got my acceptance letter for fall semester at Maryville. I'm excited but nervous. I happened to run across this thread by googling the program. I think the bookstore is processing orders for fall staring midjuly according to the website. Hope to talk to you all later! Nice to know there are others in my position.
  7. by   nursegirl2001

    Congratulations !!! I am very excited and hope to do well not only in the program at MVU but in the field as well. Here we go- a new life and a new career !!!! Hooorrraaaayyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I was in the Bookstore today and saw they are posting textbooks and courses on June 18th, won't be able to deliever until July. I always buy mine online used because it is much cheaper. I was looking at the summer classes just to get an idea of what the books will be.
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    Yeah same here !!! The bookstore's marked up prices total like 200% or better. All of my books I have obtained for 80-90%off by purchasing online otherwise the price of books eats into your financial aid !!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully I can use financial aid to purchase those (online) although I doubt they will do that..... Some of the university campus bookstores are inexpensive as I hope this is true for MVU....Guess we'll find out soon.
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    yea I looked at the summer course which I think are going to be the ones we are taking and we don't need too many 7 for four classes, and are small cheap paperbacks. So not too bad. I already saw one for $75 and it was $26 on including shipping. So it won't be too bad. One of the books is APA format also inexpensive and that one is listed for three of the classes. So thats a bummer cause I HATE to write papers, only because its not my strong suite. But you will deff need that book, they change APA every year and there are so many ways to cite things. I am hoping to get some type of grant or scholarship through the school to defer some of the cost which I will be taking out a student loan for so the less the better. But I know there are not as many opportunities for graduate students as there are undergrad so I do not have my hopes up, but it would be nice.
  11. by   Bird430
    Oh my goodness APA? Ugh! Ive been out of nursing school since 2003 so I'm going to be pretty rusty on that! I feel my blood pressure rising already lol! Has anyone received any financial aid info from maryville yet? I gather there aren't many scholarship opportunities etc just from my brief interactions with the admissions advisor. I left a message for somebody in financial aid but haven't heard back yet.
  12. by   baldwina1015
    well we can hopefully help each other out on APA lol. I remember hating it hahaha. My advisor told me three weeks and I got my admissions email on 5/29 so about the 19th would be three weeks. They have been pretty right on with dates they have given me. I am hoping I get a little something, but I feel I wont. They did call me today to just touch base, I was out and didn't hear my phone and she was like you dont have to call me back, just checking in.....odd, but nice of them. I guess they want to make sure I actually plan to attend hahaha
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    So I have an awesome resource for all of your APA concerns. It made my life sooooo much easier and after I started using the program I hardly ever had a correction to make through my instructors. The program is called PERRLA and you can buy it online. I think it was $30 but it is a one time cost and you can put it on 3 devices. It was a huge lifesaver for me and it updates whenever there are APA changes.

    I havent heard much in the financial aid department yet either. I am so excited to find more individuals who are starting the program this fall. I will be sure to let everyone know of any scholarships or helpful tips to help get us all through the program.