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I am writing to see if anyone has attended or heard good things about Maryville University's FNP program? They are starting a new online FNP program next year, but am kind of leery because I am not able to find much about the... Read More

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    Hey does anyone have any info about the requirements for preceptors? I have heard of a lot of people struggling with this. I'm just wondering what is required for a preceptor to become approved by the university. Any info helps, thanks!!!

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    I am looking around for NP schools and found that Maryville meets all my expectations. Just trying to get any information on how people are doing in regards to full time employment and this program. Is it doable?!
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    Hi.working FT is doable right taking my 3rd and 4th class with Maryvilleathophysiology and leadership. Patho has A LOT of work and reading.quizzes every week and leadership is kinda confusing since I haven't had a chance to speak with my professor. I love the school and format. Praying I can pull an A for both classes. Clinicals in the summer
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    Just finalized my application. My advisor said I should hear something within 2-3 weeks. Anxious! Here's praying I get in on the May 2013 class
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    Thank you for your response. The advisor is so nice and helpful-that has been a big plus. I am currently working through my BSN and loving it. I hope that Maryville accepts me!!
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    Any news from Maryville? Did you apply anywhere else??
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    Still waiting, my advisor has been more than helpful throughout this entire process. They said it shouldn't be much longer. Been praying a lot thanks for asking! I'll definitely post the decision once I know. I hope your Bsn is going smoothly!
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    Oh and no I haven't applied anywhere else at this time. I guess if Maryville doesn't accept me then I'll go ahead and apply to a few other places.
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    My BSN is going great actually! I am glad the advisor is helpful-I know some of them are less than ideal! I will pray you get in. I am only planning on applying to Maryville and Duquesne University when the time comes. I hope one of them will take me! Keep us posted on your status!
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    I just found out today I am accepted in the Maryville NP program.
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