Anyone hear from USD- MSN/NP program fall 2010?? Anyone hear from USD- MSN/NP program fall 2010?? | allnurses

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Anyone hear from USD- MSN/NP program fall 2010??

  1. 0 Hi- all

    I just had an interview on last Friday at University of San Diego for NP program.
    Just wondering how long I need to wait before contacting to school for acceptance.
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    Anyone hear yet?? I am dying for waiting...
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    Hello meullan, I also applied to USD for the FNP/PNP dual program and interviewed in mid march by phone due to the fact I am currently on the east coast. I still have not heard anything yet and I am dying also. I just wanted to let you know you are not alone.
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    Confused? University of San Diego doesn't have a FNP program, it's CNL
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    Um, really?
    USD: Academics: School of Nursing Health Science

    Many schools have more than one program. Really- it's true.