Any WGU MSN (education) grads now teaching?

  1. Hello!

    Are there an Western Governors University MSN (education) grads successfully teaching nursing in a community college or university setting? If so, please share your experience with the WGU program and with the hiring process of the school in which you are currently teaching.

    Thanks very much!
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  3. by   JerseyBSN
    I would love to see some answers to this question also as I am considering WGU for my MSN in education.
  4. by   mshirleyrn
    I graduated from WGU with a MSN-education in March 2010, I have been working at a local community college ADN program since. I'm not sure what information you are looking for, but would be glad to answer any questions you have. I can tell you that WGU's regional accreditation was imperative to me obtaining the position. Most colleges in my area are no longer hiring faculty from schools that are not regionally accredited, and only have a national accreditation. And the education and convenience I received from WGU was just what I needed to obtain my professional goals. I'm very happy with the paths that WGU has opened for my career.
  5. by   777RN
    Thanks so much for your reply, which was exactly the sort of information for which I was looking. I am seriously considering the WGU MSN program for the future and was wondering how it was received in the workplace. I suspected that nationally accredited schools might be frowned upon in many, if not most, traditional academic settings. I am glad to hear about your WGU MSN success story.

    So, do you enjoy teaching? Are you an adjunct or full-time faculty? Are you eligible for tenure? If so, in how long?

    Thanks again!
  6. by   mshirleyrn
    I do enjoy teaching. I never realized what a different aspect of nursing it was, Kind of a reality shock (in a good way). I am a full-time assistant professor in a rural community college. Our system does not offer tenure and the programs I have looked into at Universities do not offer tenure to Master's prepared faculty (only doctorates). Don't take my word on this, it's only what I have noticed.

    WGU is a great program for those that are very self-motivated. The way it's structured, it is very easy to slack or just take time off whenever you feel like it. I did their RN-MSN in 18 months (but that was with my nose to the grindstone the entire time). But for those that need the extra flexibility and a little less guidance, it's a great program. The course mentors are there to help, but may take a few days to answer your questions via email. So, I'm very selective as to who I recommend the program to. Some nurses look at it as an easy way to get their advanced degree. It is not easy at all. That said, I received my degree feeling very prepared to be a novice faculty member.
  7. by   777RN
    Thanks again for your thoughtful reply! Your information is very helpful. I believe that the WGU program is ideal for me as I greatly prefer distance and self-directed learning. My only concern about the program was how it was perceived and received by prospective employers. Your comments have helped to allay any doubts.