Any applicants for UCLA's FNP program for fall 2011?

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    I was wondering if anyone on here is waiting to hear back from UCLA for any of the NP programs for fall 2011. I saw that acceptance letters were sent out for MECN/MSN applicants.

    Any feedback would greatly appreciated!

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    Hi! I'm also waiting to hear back about a decision status for UCLA's NP program for Fall 2011. Hopefully, we'll hear something soon!
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    I keep thinking it will be any day now. Good luck to you and please let me know if you hear anything!!
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    I was told we will be notified in late March.

    Has anyone heard from other schools yet?
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    I received my acceptance from GWU last week...good luck to all of you!!
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    I just heard from UCSF and I'm anxious to hear back from UCLA. Keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck everyone!
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    Hi All,

    I am waiting to hear as well. Good luck to everyone!

    I also applied to USD but I don't have my interview until April 1st.

    I am nervous about UCLA, I know it is very competitive!!
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    I applied to one of the MSN programs at UCLA and have not heard back yet. When I emailed regarding the time line back in January, I was told decisions would be made in late March, even for those who made the priority deadline. The wait is killing me! Good luck to you all!
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    I am waiting for UCLA as well, Ive been emailing back & forth with an UCLA counselor he is saying before April 1st. I got into UCSF NP program and the deadline is April 1st to accept but UCLA is my goal. Please let me know if anyone gets in. Thanks!
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    I'm in the same boat, but I'm a bit more "on the fence" about which school. Can I ask why UCLA over UCSF?

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