Any Alumni w/ Kids? Any Single Parents?

  1. Has anyone with small children gotten their MSN or done a MEPN program? Furthermore, any single parents? I am applying to a MEPN program in addition to several B.A. programs (with the idea of just getting the MSN right after, as I already have a B.A. in an unrelated field). I know it must be very hard to earn a higher degree with a small child, any tips from those who have been there done that? Any knowledge of financial aid or any programs or grants specifically for single parents? How did you work out childcare? What type of support did you have? I do have very supportive parents that help me out when they can, luckily. I am applying to CNM/NP programs, by the way. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Lovelee82
    I am currently finishing my EL-MSN program this year. I had my baby in the middle of the program. I do have the hubby's help but I went to school with a few single parents. My mom and MIL help a ton. My mom used her vacation time to watch her while I was in clinicals (three weeks after she was born) We have her in daycare a couple of times a week and the moms watch her the other times. I am working but I have taken out loans and have a few small schloarships that help out with costs. If you wont be making a lot of money you can see if you qualify for subsized childcare so that your parents wont have to watch your child all the time. My mom drops off and picks up my kid on my long 12 hr days sometimes ( my friend hired someone specifically just to do this)

    Days were really never a problem in terms of childcare and nights/evening shifts can be tricky. One trick is to have study groups at your house while your child is sleep so that you dont need a babysitter and still get good study time in. Make friends because they can take notes and turn in assignments for you when you cant make it and vise versa.

    Good Luck. You can do it. I know so many who have done it as single parents with multiple kids.