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American Sentinel's online DNP?

  1. 0 Is anyone in American Sentinel University's online DNP program?

    I'd like to know more about the program.
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    Quote from nursjoy
    Is anyone in American Sentinel University's online DNP program?

    I'd like to know more about the program.
    I have applied for the program and have been accepted for the next cohort starting in June. It is difficult to find anything posted about this school other than their own information. But, I found this faculty from UTMB who is enrolled in the program: I find that rather encouraging, plus an article from the Advance Magazine for NPs, and this information from the DNP org website:

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    This is encouraging! Thank you!

    I have found very little information about it from their students.

    If anyone is in their DNP program, we would like to hear from you!
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    Hi Prison_nurse,

    Could you private message me your email so that I may contact you?

    I don't have the ability to private message you because I have not posted 15 quality posts yet.

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    American Sentinel University has Executive Leadership and Educational Leadership (for educators) tracks posted on their web site now.

    Is anyone considering the Educational Leadership track?
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    nursjoy -
    I am considering it...looking into loans, etc. May be starting in Oct - are you considering ASU?
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    Thanks for responding, Lynswim!

    Yes, I'm considering American Sentinel University.

    Which track are you leaning towards: Executive or Ed Leadership?
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    Hi , ladies..
    I am reading more and more about the school and already asked "for more information " from the school. I think this is very afordable school . I read what Jim posted and I am happy with his explanation . Any of you already in the program? I would like to find people and start in this directions DNP in leadership . A lot more to explore I guess.
    Good luck .