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Can anyone give some advance tips on Advanced Pathophysiology? Are we talking cellular level class memorization or clinical application/differential diagnosis? I have no idea what to expect. I graduated with BSN >15 years ago.... Read More

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    hey y'all
    I am taking advanced Patho online .... its BRUTAL ...
    I ordered the studyguide to accompany Porth .... but so far it is not helping me with the quizzes...
    does anyone else have any recommendations?

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    Hi! any new developments with your class? I bought this book called Patho Made Ridiculously Easy ( it really breaks down the information in an easy to understand manner. I wonder if you might find it helpful for your quizzes! good luck! I start online Patho in the Fall.

    Are you taking patho online or traditional classroom?
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    LOL - my most memorable moment was passing the class!

    Most of the classes we take as APNs tend to be (IMO) "building classes" - i.e., we've already got a lot of this knowledge, we've seen some (or many) of these disease processes in our practice, but now we're building on the knowledge we already have. Having a better, more thourough understanding of the disease processes really helps you understand what exactly is going on with that patient, and what you, the APN, are going to do about it.

    My book came with a workbook which broke down each chapter to, like, four pages, so I was able to breeze through the things I was very familiar with and suppliment with the text those areas I didn't really know.
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    That was funny! what book did you have that had a workbook? I may buy it even if it is not the book sounds like it would be a great supplemental book!
    I can't wait to look back and think "I passed!"
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    Here's the workbook:

    Like I said, very helpful!
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    excellent! I just ordered it! Thanks!
    Good luck to you! Patho starts in August for me. Are you doing an online or traditional program?
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    I wish I was doing an online course - I learn best by reading the text, and driving an hour and a half both ways takes away from my reading time! And there's just so much content there is no way my professor could go over everything!
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    You can get adv pathophys lectures on itunes just type in adv pathophys into itunes & they come up. They review the book in lecture. I found it very helpful
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    Chelsea, would you send me your former pathophysiology practice questions,outlines and ppts. Thanks

    Thanks for being there and having compassion
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    Hi I am a psych nurse returning to Grad school enrolled in PMHNP program online after being out of school for more than 10 years. I noticed from your thread that you saved pathophysiology notes, outlines and partice questions. I have written others in this tread for the same, but no reponses. It is good to know there are some good Samaritans out here. My email is

    Thanks in advance and outlines

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