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Advanced Anatomy & Physiology Online?

  1. 0 I'm planning in the mid-term future to apply for Master's programs in nursing, and in the meantime I want to try to find an advanced anatomy & physiology class to take to sharpen my A&P knowledge. I took regular A&P prior to nursing school and would love a more in-depth understanding than what was covered in my undergraduate classes.

    Does anyone know of an online (or Philadelphia/Allentown area) school that will offer a Master's level or advanced anatomy & physiology class? So far the programs I've contacted only offer those classes to students enrolled in an MSN program. I'm googling but not getting a ton of useful hits.
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    In the addition to my previous link, I would like to add outline and blackboard notes for this course. If you search for Dr. Cizadlo other courses on iTunes podcasts - you will find at least 5 more. Enjoy!

    Anatomy & Physiology Outline, Images, and Blackboard, by Gerald R. Cizadlo, Ph.D.