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Is anyone in an acute care nurse practitioner program? I have mentioned on another thread that I am in a family nurse practitioner program now, but would ultimately like to work in critical care. I have worked ICU since 1991 and... Read More

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    I am an ACNP student at the University of South Alabama. Except for a week right before clinicals start, the program is entirely online. I read in a previous post that Vanderbilt's program is online. Unless there has been a recent change, some of it is online, but I believe you still have to go to campus at least a weekend a month...
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    Thank you NYCRN16! All the best with your graduate studies and career!
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    I am starting to research NP schools in PA and I would like to obtain entry in fall 2011. I have 7 years of CICU experience as an RN and need 5 more courses to complete my BSN. I am surprised by the amount of programs tailored for non-RN's. I'd love to do an acute care program but I'm having trouble finding one near me. Would it be better to do an adult NP program and rely on my RN experience to obtain a position as a cardiac NP?
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    KateMO7, keep doing your research, until you think you've done it all. I researced for two years. I am currently enrolled in an ACNP program that is basically 100% online...might be something for you to consider. BUT, even if the program(s) looks good, look closer. Call the college of nursing, and see how their phone etiquette is... E-mail some of the faculty and see how it takes them to respond, OR IF they will respond. There are a ton of things to consider! Look at the web sites, call people on campus/in the college of nursing, heck, even call the bookstore and see how willing they are to answer questions!

    Grad school is not easy. It is not fun. Set a time limit for researching schools. At the end of the deadline, see what you have. If it feels right, do it, go to school...if it feels "off," then don't do it, don't go to school.

    Good luck in your search!
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    Rolo, I am looking at the University of South Alabama online. Can you pm me about your classes?
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    Hi Rolo, I am in that program as well, since August,and have to say it is so much harder than what I expected. I am working FT and it is almost impossible to get a good grade in the classes. I am having a hard time and think about withdrawing. The pathophys class I had to withdraw already. How are you doing it?
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    Hi, I would love to know how people are finding USA. I have applied to do my post masters DNP there.
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    University of TN Health Science Center has an acute care/family dual track that is online.

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