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Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and to the field of nursing. I have a BS degree in Biology and was recently enrolled in a physician assistant program for 6 months but withdrew for personal... Read More

  1. by   ponyboyjohnny
    This is a really helpful response- I realize this was posted several years ago, but I'm hoping my reply reaches you. I'm looking into ABSN programs and beginning to question whether or not a direct entry program would save me time-- saving time being appealing because I'm coming to this as a 35 year old with a background in the arts and planning to start a family ASAP.

    assuming you're now a few years into your career as a nurse, and maybe enrolled in masters program by now. If you're willing to share your insights on the path you've chosen, I'd appreciate it so much.

    Ive got some time to make this decision, and maybe things will become clearer once I'm taking pre reqs.

    After reading through posts on this site, I'm slightly leaning towards an ABSN, given that I'd like to gain RN experience before moving into NP territory. Seems obvious that clinical experience is essential and that w/o it I would be like a half-baked NP no matter how strong the direct entry MSN program is. That being said, applying twice versus only once is potentially unnecessary, as long as I'm still working as an RN for the first few years regardless of degree acquired (which is what I'd likely do anyway).

    If you or anyone else can weigh in, I'd be very much obliged. Hope your work (and studies) has continued to be fulfilling as you advance!

  2. by   Besha08
    Thanks for all the feedback... I have done research on some of the schools that were mentioned above.. I recently graduated with an MBA in HC Management and would like to pursue nursing as a career.... After reading these post I feel that the direct entry BSN would be best.