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Hi Everyone! This topic thread is for those applying to UPENN BSN/MSN program summer 2013. I hope we can create a support network here! I will be applying to the nurse-midwifery and WHNP program and have begun writing my... Read More

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    I received that email, as well! Along with the midterm grade report. Is the midterm grade report for any class you're taking, or is it only for prerequisites? I may be dropping one of my courses (I found out I don't actually need it, and I'm not enjoying it anyways), so I don't know what to do about that on the midterm grade report...

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    Good question... I'm picking up a Biology Lab this semester, which is a prereq, so I am sending the report in. Definitely ask -- could be that they want all grades from all schools from all years, as the application itself required.

    I for one am thinking about taking a few classes next spring (not prereqs, though) and am curious if I'll have to submit grades for those.
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    I think the grade report is ONLY for the courses you're taking currently for the Fall 2012 semester/quarter which will satisfy a prerequisite. So if you're taking Microbiology, Physiology and History, you'd leave out the History course.

    The week of November 12 is so close!!
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    Omg I saw this email this morning too! So crazy... I guess if you don't get an email about these interviews.... it's an indirect sign of rejection to the MSN program... ahh coming up so soon.
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    Hello everyone, just posting to say hello. I've submitted my application for the accelerated BSN... have some really strong recommendations, pretty decent GPA, all prereqs done, experience, etc... huge negative is my GRE score. I was scheduled to take them because I was applying to a particular school that required it, then realized I wasn't going to that school, so breezed through it without really putting too much effort into it... I got something around an 1100ish I think, iirc... likem 85th percentile for English, 60th for Math, not so great (to put it in perspective, I got a 1330 on my SATs and 29 on ACTs)... is it worth it to take the GRE again?

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    Your GRE score is totally fine, I wouldn't be concerned about it at all. For Penn, I think that once you score past the minimum (153 verbal and 144 quantitative, or a 1000 on the old scale) it really doesn't matter what your score is. I can't say the same for all of the other schools that require it, like Yale or Boston College (I'm pretty sure they place a heavy emphasis on GRE scores, from what I heard when I spoke to them over the phone... the average was higher than Penn's!) but I am fairly certain that for Penn, they just like to see the minimum/average score. But they also look at your application holistically at Penn, so if you have strong recommendations, a high GPA and great health care and leadership experience, your GRE score probably won't matter as much.
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    Hi gang, I'm at Penn in the accelerated BSN/MSN program and started here in June. If you have any questions I will try to answer them - I've benefited tremendously from those who are in the class ahead of me and in other programs, and want to give back to future nursing students who are applying now. My focus area for the master's is Women's Health NP, but of course we are imbued in the BSN portion right now (which honestly is really amazing).

    Hope you're all doing well!
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    mz_marit, thanks for stopping by!

    I actually do have a question for current Penn students: which prerequisite course (or courses) do you find has helped you the most thus far? I know A&P are very important; are there others that you've taken that you've relied on?
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    really knowing A&P, i think especially physio, is super important. i'm doing pharm and med/surg right now and with pharm, i really wish i had studied physio harder. i took micro and physio together last fall and honestly physio was my "easy" class.... which means i didn't study it all that much. chem too is useful. but really, physio is HUGE!!! i'll try to think of something more insightful later... i need dinner
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    mz_marit, what is your chosen specialty?

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