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Hi Everyone! This topic thread is for those applying to UPENN BSN/MSN program summer 2013. I hope we can create a support network here! I will be applying to the nurse-midwifery and WHNP program... Read More

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    hmm well in our award letter, it states that award amount is based on leadership, career goals, experiences, background, essays, etc...so I guess they award based on a very holistic view of the applicant. I agree, i too am very thankful for whatever aid I can get, especially with the hefty tuition price tag :O! are you guys definitely attending penn?
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    Yes I am thankful too! I am just so nervous about so much debt. I am deciding between Penn and Hopkins. Only 10 more days to make a decision ahhh
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    Is anyone else wondering how grads of the program feel about the debt they took on? My tuition is coming out around 200k and it seems like an unrealistic amount of debt for a 90k starting salary. Alas, I've been really impressed with Penn and it sounds like they have a better program than Columbia, but I'm really curious as to how everyone else is feeling. My parents definitely aren't helping me with this, so I'm starting to think twice about options!
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    Yes, I am also slightly freaking out about the cost of school. 200K debt, is it worth it? Ive been wondering how important it is to attend the #2 school and spending a lot of money, vs saving money and going to a lesser known school (but still good). I have no idea how much they will actually be able to help financially and I really don't want to be in debt forever. Anyone find out any helpful information? What's your though process? Does school ranking matter in the long run?
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    Hi All, I'm new to the boards and just had a few questions for those of you who got admitted to the MSN program at UPenn for 2013. I'm very interested in entering the Adult Acute Care MSN program for 2014 spring entry. Not only have I heard amazing things about the program itself and the faculty, but I fell in love with the campus and Philadelphia when visiting this past fall. My question is whether I have a fighting chance of being admitted into the program or whether I should focus my efforts on getting into a lesser program in the Philly area (i.e. Jefferson, Villanova). To give you all some background, I graduated with my BSN from NYU in January 2012 with a total cumulative GPA of 3.44. I did great in my prerequisites but my grades in the core nursing classes weren't the greatest, (I got a C in Maternity and a B- in Pediatrics). After graduation, I moved back to my home state of California and have spent the last year doing Case Management and Home Health work for a Homecare nursing company called Nursecore, as well as registry work for Maxim (Per-diem SNF, Hospice, Correctional and Outpatient Clinic settings). I'm a little worried my undergrad GPA and lack of acute care experience will rule me out of the program. (It's practically impossible to land an acute care position for a new grad in California right now) any words of advice or encouragement would be appreciated. Congrats to everyone who got into the program this year! Hope to be among your ranks soon.
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    AngelMontoyaRN- I was recently accepted to the Penn PMHNP program for the summer of 2014. Grade wise, I pretty much in the same boat as you. My total GPA was 3.3. I had a C or two in my nursing pre reqs but did well in my core nursing classes. Overall not super stellar. What gave me an advantage, I believe, Is my RN experience. I have been working for about 10 years and have worked at three major US hospitals. UCSF, Brigham and Womens, and Oregon Health Science University. My point is, your work history will bear some weight in their decision. Also really make sure you spend some time on your essays. Lastly, when I was asked for an interview, I was living out of state. Rather than conducting the interview on the phone, I opted to fly out and have them interview me in person which I think helped. Anyway, I think you have a good shot and should go for it!
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    My cumulative is 3.68, my total institution is 3.678, but my total overall is 2.65. Which do they use? The 2.65 is beause it was my rn degree transfer courses factored into my bsn courses gpa.
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    Hi!!! I'm a little while out from applying as I haven't even started taking my prerequisites yet. However, is anyone having to relocate for the program with spouse and children? My husband and I plan to move. If I get accepted in the program, not only will we need to find housing for our family, but schools for my kids, 10 and 7. I'm currently in the Midwest. Just wondered how the public school system is in PA.
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    Anyone starting UPenn Women's Health/Midwifery PT in the fall or Full Time in the Summer?
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    Congratulations and good luck to everyone starting at Penn Nursing this fall!
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    Hey there, can anybody shed some light on the interview process?? I'm on the west coast and they offer the phone interview option. How many people from your class do you know of that got in off a phone interview? Thanks ahead of time!

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