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Hi Everyone! This topic thread is for those applying to UPENN BSN/MSN program summer 2013. I hope we can create a support network here! I will be applying to the nurse-midwifery and WHNP program and have begun writing my... Read More

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    Yikes that is so close! Good luck everyone!

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    Regarding the requirement for an 'academic reference'--would a research supervisor (PhD) from college who I technically did not take a lecture class with, but worked closely with and received college credit for being in their lab and doing directed studies with count as an 'academic' reference? I'm assuming so but not sure if they would be this picky.

    (not a current applicant, just gleaning info...)
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    Hey reinventor, I don't think technically counts as an academic reference. But it wouldn't hurt to call their office to confirm this! You can always use that person as the second letter.
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    Hi reinventor, I actually used my PI for one of my references. I worked in his lab for three years which I'd consider an academic setting. Although I never took one of the classes he taught at the University, I did have to write papers for him during my senior year and I actually got units and grades for it. I hope this is ok because unlike you, I've submitted the app already >.<

    Anyone else have any input?
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    Is anyone else still in the process of completing prerequisites? Is it frowned upon? I still haven't completed A&P II and Nutrition and I'm in the process of completing A&P I and Chemistry I.
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    Hi folks, lots and lots of info to share from the info session yesterday!

    First off: the session was hosted by Filomena Circelli (pronounced "chur-chellie"), SON's Associate Director of Enrollment. She is very friendly and *very accessible* -- answering our questions is what she does. So if you have specific questions, definitely do email her: filomena@nursing.upenn.edu.

    They look at your application HOLISTICALLY. This point was made time and time and time again. GREs and GPAs are a very small part of the overall picture they make when weighing the all the aspects of your application.

    GRE scores: they should be in the 50th percentile range; 62nd %ile is average.

    Prerequisites: All prereqs must have been completed within the last 7-8 years, though they have made some exceptions. All prereq classes are intro classes; if you've completed higher level classes, that's great, too. They accept online classes. Yes, you can still be completing your prereqs now, but you MUST send in the mid-semester grade report in by Dec. 1. Average GPA of last year's class was 3.4/3.5.

    Recommendations: they will take a 3rd recommendation, if you have one. Email Filomena to let her know that you would like to add a third recommender to your application, and she will facilitate that. She says that they value LORs from supervisors/bosses/professors -- basically anyone in a position superior to you -- over a coworker/colleague. They value LORs that give them an idea of how you function as a student, hence the stress of academic recs.

    They will be processing applications during the next 5-7 weeks; they will email you if something is missing (like a transcript) and will not hold this against your application.

    Admissions timeline & info:
    Interviews: Penn interviews ~75% of applicants. They are held sometime in the month of December, depending on staff/faculty availability, altough you can be contacted all the way up to Jan. 25th for an interview. F *stressed* that phone interviews and in-person interviews are assessed EQUALLY. (One exception: anaesthesia applicants must visit in person.) So don't stress if you can't make it to campus for an interview. They make a day of on-campus interviews, including a tour of the school, simulation lab, and lunch. Come prepared to the interview: faculty are looking to see if you know what your specialty entails, so do your research. Have questions, be confident. Interviews are one-on-one and can be 20-40 minutes

    Most popular advanced degree specialties: FNP, Midwifery, Anesthesia. They are *very flexible* regarding changing your MSN choice; you are not locked into your specialty.

    Stats: BSN, BSN/MSN, and BSN/PhD applicants are pooled together. All students are vying for the same BSN spots. If your desired specialty is full, for example, you can still submatriculate as a BSN student and re-apply to the MSN program after the first summer clinical. Last year ~600 people applied; 100-125 were admitted; they hope to matriculate 80-85 BSN students. Filomena did not have stats for the individual specialties.

    Money money money:

    BSN tuition & fees: $95,000
    MSN tuition & fees: $45,000 avg., though cost depends on specialty

    Financial aid is based on need -- they have no merit-based scholarships at present. They offer 2 need-based scholarships: the Robert Wood Johnson Scholarship and the Accelerated Nursing Scholarship.

    Deadline for financial aid is Dec. 15th, 2013. If you are under age 30 by Dec. 1st, 2013, they require info from parents as well -- that's right, financial aid data is based on your parents' financial status. The exception to this is if you are married (!!!).

    That's all for this post... to others who attended and have found errors above, please correct me... Filomena covered lots more about the program itself (courses, clinical sites, study abroad, dual Master's degrees) that I can reiterate if you're interested -- just say the word.
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    Thanks for this info!!! Is the 45k for the entire MSN or per year? And are those the figures just for tuition and fees, not including estimated living expenses?And that is terrible about the parent info for financial aid! I thought you were independent for FAFSA at 24? Or is that just for need based scholarships/loans directly from Penn?
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    45k is the average for a 12 month MSN program, but cost may differ depending on specialty. Both figures are for tuition & fees ONLY. If you're into it, you can work as an RA on Penn campus and get your room & board covered that way (Filomena said that it is possible to work a 10-15 hr. per week job after the first summer semester; being an RA would fill that).

    Estimated living expenses can really vary widely depending on so many factors -- neighborhood, roommates, income, etc. I suggest looking at craigslist for the kind of situation you're looking for to get a sense of how much that would cost.

    Yeah, the parent info for financial aid is pretty lame... apparently they just raised the age from 26 to 30. I'm pretty sure that FAFSA hasn't changed and that the age cutoff is for Penn scholarships only.
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    WOW. Thanks soooo much for the information Bardone! You gave such a great summary. I can't believe you got all of that down. Probably more informative than some nursing websites. Penn is one of my top choices so all of the information was extremely helpful. I'm surprised to read that they actually interview ~75% of their applicants... that's a lot! I live in California but I feel like I'd hate to do a phone interview. And 5-7 weeks from now means.... end of November ish. That's coming up quickly!
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    Forgot to add:

    ** They announce accepted students online around Feb. 7th
    ** Start date is mid-June, "in the teens"; all prereqs MUST be completed by the start of the program
    ** Last date for notification of waitlisted students is April 10th; all applications are kept on file 3-4 years; they will not provide feedback on applications to rejected applicants.

    Yeah, kdiem, interview notifications are happening soon!

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