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Hi Everyone! This topic thread is for those applying to UPENN BSN/MSN program summer 2013. I hope we can create a support network here! I will be applying to the nurse-midwifery and WHNP program and have begun writing my... Read More

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    Hopeful, I was also asked to name some adjectives that someone might use to describe me... I was additionally asked if I had any NP role models.

    The male admissions associate (forget his name) who facilitated the tour with Filomena was the one who said there'd be ~100 people on Monday. I'm surprised that there were 80 of us on Friday... perhaps a number of people split after their interview.

    kdiem, the only other advice I have to add would be to take advantage of the current students you'll meet with some questions at the ready. It was my understanding that all the students we spoke with were in the BSN section, which is the same track for everyone -- meaning that their insights into their particular specialty were limited at best.

    Hopeful's suggestion to bring a pair of comfortable shoes for the post-interview events is also good advice!
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    Ahh, thanks bardone! How are you feeling about the whole paying for the program thing now? LOL!
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    I was told that ~50 people were present on Friday, ~10 have phone interviews, and ~2 skype interviews & ~100 people will be there on Monday. During my interview (for psych), I was asked: Tell me about yourself. What leadership roles have you been involved in? What's your understanding of the difference between a nurse practitioner, psychiatrist, and physician assistant? And then it was just casual conversation after that.

    My favorite part of the interview day was chatting with the current students and taking a tour of their simulation lab. Penn doesn't have to sell their school because they have so many resources and opportunities for students with various interests.

    I wonder how many people applied for psych and how many seats are available. I tried to ask on the day of but I was getting different answers from a bunch of Penn staff.
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    Thanks KoKe for the clarification! 50 seems about right. Wow, that's awesome to see that so many people went in person! And you're right, they totally don't have to sell their school, everything speaks for itself... but they totally did anyways and did an amazing job, which also says a lot about the quality of the faculty and staff!
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    Is it really okay to bring a change of shoes? My feet will be dying after the first few hours in heels and would love to wear flats. And thank you soooo much for the advice Bardone, Koke, and Hopeful! I just got into Philly
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    Yes, it's definitely okay to bring a change of shoes! Trust me, some people won't be wearing heels period, not even for their interview!
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    Thanks for all the useful information hopeful, bardone, koke, etc. I feel better prepared now! Just packed a pair of flats in my purse I'll be interviewing tomorrow. Feeling both nervous and excited! Good luck on your interviews everyone!!!!!
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    I just wanted to wish all those interviewing tomorrow the BEST OF LUCK! I was like a 10/10 stress-wise going into it but now looking back, I realized I didn't have to be nervous at all. They are so nice and just want to know more about you.
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    When you guys filled out the financial aid stuff did you put 5th year undergraduate or 1st year graduate?
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    I am pretty certain she said that "financially" we are undergrads.
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