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Hi Everyone! This topic thread is for those applying to UPENN BSN/MSN program summer 2013. I hope we can create a support network here! I will be applying to the nurse-midwifery and WHNP program... Read More

  1. by   sarahcee
    kdiem- my interview is at 8:30am. i've made a reservation at the Hilton Inn at Penn (located on campus), but it's really expensive even with the campus philly discount. where are you staying?
  2. by   kdiem
    that will be so awesome to meet you mz_marit you've definitely given great insight about the Penn program.
  3. by   atomicgirl
    cjacobs2, mine is at 10am with Nancy Hanrahan. Have confidence in yourself, you will do great! Everyone I've heard from that's already had the interview have said it's nothing to worry about. To be honest, I'm extremely nervous myself as well. I suppose the feeling is to be expected.
  4. by   kdiem
    Good luck to those with interviews tomorrow!!!
  5. by   lifeismuzik
    My interview is the beginning of next week. Thanks for posting how your interviews went so far! I will certainly let you all know how mine goes.Does anyone who went to the FNP info session at the open house know what the professors names were who led the discussion? Specifically, not the woman with the red sweater who initiated the info session but the woman over to the side.I hope someone remembers :-x thanks all!
  6. by   hollysf
    Good luck with all of the interviews today! You guys are going to do amazing. I'll be thinking about you all day!
  7. by   hopefulnurse24
    hollysf, thank you so much! The day was incredible and I really enjoyed myself. Penn is absolutely gorgeous and the city is pretty great as well! The staff does a great job of making the interviewees feel VERY comfortable and at home, and everything went great! It's a wonderful day. I'm so excited for everyone who will be going on Monday, or who will be completing a phone interview! Good luck to all of you! Let me know if I can answer any questions for anyone about anything

    PS - for those who are curious about what they will ask you in the interview... I promise you that it's different for everyone! After reading things on here and talking with people who interviewed today as well, I think the questions asked are really dependent on your specialty and who is actually interviewing you. However, don't be worried - it is VERY informal and everyone I spoke to seemed to have had really positive experiences.
  8. by   cjacobs2
    @atomic girl - It was great meeting you today! Lets hope for the best with this whole process I didn't get to ask but where else did you apply?
  9. by   bardone
    Hi all,

    Just to second what hopeful said -- the questions your interviewer asks are likely different for everyone, but ultimately they are a springboard for you to express why you're seeking a career as a nurse. Here's what I was asked:

    Why Penn?
    What do you see yourself doing down the road -- 3, 5, 10 years in the future?
    Do you have any questions?
    How do you manage stressful situations?
    How do you think you'll adapt to Philadelphia?

    Pretty mundane stuff, but our conversation actually went over the 1/2 hour mark by several minutes! I even managed to ask my interviewer how and why she ended up in her specialty. Her response was pretty cool.

    Cheesy as it sounds, I believe they are looking for the vision that you have of yourself in nursing -- they are looking for the spark and connection you have with your role as a nurse that will guide you through the challenges of the practice. Communicating that is important.

    FYI -- in addition to lunch -- coffee, tea, juice, water, fruit, and breakfast pastry treats were provided in the am... so if you don't manage to grab breakfast beforehand, you can eat something when you get to room 218.

    The day was a full one and I am quite tired out. I hear there will be ~100 interviewees on Monday -- good luck to everyone interviewing then, and enjoy it!! It really is sort of fun.
  10. by   salinn
    Thank you bardone for all your info! It sounds like everyone is having really great interview experiences so far!
  11. by   dee73
    @lifeismuzik I'm pretty sure it was Dr. Anne O'Sullivan. She was the cute lady with the bun and glasses? Developed the consensus model and spoke at the beginning of the open house. Do you remember the names of the others who were at the FNP session?
  12. by   atomicgirl
    Quote from cjacobs2
    @atomic girl - It was great meeting you today! Lets hope for the best with this whole process I didn't get to ask but where else did you apply?
    cjacobs2, I applied to Boston College, USM, Yale, Seattle U, am gonna apply to Rochester as well. How about you? Now we play the waiting game...I wish we could know the very next day haha! I'll PM you my cell # if you wanna chat more.
  13. by   nafeiniar
    hi guys! i've been reading these threads for a while now, but i also submitted my app for UPENN (their ABSN Summer '13 program though) and was wondering if any ABSN applicants received emails for interviews. It seems like most of the interviewees so far are for the BSN/MSN program...good luck to all those who will be/were interviewed!

    EEK i'm so nervous!