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Hi Everyone! This topic thread is for those applying to UPENN BSN/MSN program summer 2013. I hope we can create a support network here! I will be applying to the nurse-midwifery and WHNP program and have begun writing my... Read More

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    Hi all good luck!

    I'm still stunned, but I received an email today at about 10:30AMPST for an interview. I'm applying for the FNP specialty and turned in my application at about 11:30PM EST on Oct. 15.

    Hang tight everyone...I'm sure they're still in the process of hashing it out! I know I got nervous for another school when everyone else heard a change in their application status, and I didn't until a week or so later. I'm sure it's a work in process, and they're working hard to respond as soon as possible!

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    I guess that's the end of day one results! Man gotta wait until tomorrow now...
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    Kdiem, tomorrow will be our day!
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    I wonder if they are notifying applicants in alphabetical order. To those who have gotten interview notifications: is your last name early on in the alphabet? This is just to soothe my own anxiety because I don't know if I can hold out the entire week...!
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    I hope tomorrow will be ALL of our days! I'm anxious too.

    atomicgirl, that's an interesting thought as well and could very well possible. If so, that will really suck because my last name is towards the end of the alphabet! I was thinking that they're doing it on order of specialty because the email sent out says that the faculty was inviting the applicant to interview, so I think that perhaps each specialty's faculty reviews all of the applications for that particular specialty and they decide whether they are interested in that applicant. You know what I mean? AHHH! I just hope we all hear good news... I'm so nervous!

    Try and keep busy, everyone! I have no doubt that you all will hear soon and will be laughing and jumping for joy! I just know it. You're all excellent and competitive applicants and I know your passion showed through in your personal statements
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    hopefulnurse24, thank you for your encouraging words. I just hate the wait, it's driving me nuts! My specialty is psych. What's yours? I haven't yet met anyone going into the psych specialty and I wonder if it's one of the less competitive ones.
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    Hi there! I got the interview and my last name starts with "S," so I'm not really sure if there's any rhyme or reason as to why one person got the email today and another didn't. Good luck to everyone!!
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    My specialty is pediatric critical care. Everything I've seen so far on this thread and the other one (the general direct entry thread) has been interviews for FNP and 1 regular PNP applicant, so I'm thinking they started out with reviewing applications for those specialties and are moving through all of them the rest of this week. I haven't heard of many people applying for psych, either!

    kshar, what's your specialty?
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    I'm going for psych as well! still haven't heard about interviews yet which makes me anxious. I believe psych is less competitive than the rest of the specialties because less people are interested in psych (from what i've heard)
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    Yes, you are probably right. I believe that family, midwifery, and regular peds are among the most common choices.

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