2013 UCSF MEPN Applicants - page 18

Hi everyone, I'm planning to apply for the 2013 cycle of MEPN at UCSF (application date would be September 1 of this year). I'll be applying for psych/mental health, and it will be my first time... Read More

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    Hey! I was wondering, what are the requirements to volunteer as a doula?
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    hi kdiem,
    did you end up getting in? i am interested now... if yes, can you give me any information?
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    hi DoulaMama,
    i know this was a while ago but how are you doing in your MEPN program? can you tell me anything about the school? how is the program?
    i am interested in the CNM as well as the CNM/WHNP programs. it sounds like it's hard to get in though.

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