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    The MEPN deadline is less than 2 months away, so I thought I'd get a thread started for us 2012 hopefuls!

    I'm a first time applicant to the WHNP/CNM specialty, and feel like I've been getting ready to submit this application for so long! I've been working abroad for a public health NGO for the past couple of years and am a trained birth doula. I've finished up all of my prereqs and GREs, selected people for recommendations (including a slightly awkward visit to my undergraduate advisor...), so now I'm just drafting my essays. Does anyone even know what the application is supposed to look like this year? I'm just going off samples I've seen from previous years.

    Some days I feel sort of confident about my chances, and other days I feel as though this is a total shot in the dark and definitely not going to work out!

    Any other hopefuls out there? And anyone know when the application is actually going to open?
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    Hi there!

    I too am applying for MEPN 2012. Woohoo! I am also a first time applicant, but am hoping for a spot in their Pediatric NP program. I've followed a few of the past year's threads and can't believe it's finally that time again. However, this time it's our turn!

    My only real concern about UCSF is their strong suggestion for second language proficiency. Seeing as you've worked abroad, I'm assuming you're good on that end. I'm somewhat fearful that my lack of fluency in Spanish (or any other language for that matter), will set me apart in a not so positive way. Are there any others out there who were accepted in past years that only had English as a first language?

    Best of luck to you! It's nice to have this board available to discuss and feel some sense of application camaraderie.
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    Hi cpsnap!

    As for being good on the language front, I'm not sure. I went to an info session where I asked a professor if it could be useful that I speak Mandarin and she was like "Well...yeah...". I'm trying to teach myself medical Cantonese since I think that's maybe a more useful language for the patient populations we'll be encountering during the program.

    But even if you don't speak fluent Spanish, learning basic Spanish could be a real help and show that you're taking the initiative! Just don't be dishonest on the application, since I hear they do such scary things as testing you on your language skills during the interview process!

    I think if you check through the old threads you'll see people who have this same concern, and others who chimed in saying they didn't have fluent second language abilities when they were admitted.
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    Hi Gang -

    Welcome to the process. I was a mepn three years ago (seems like a lifetime, though)

    I would offer the following:
    1. You wont get in if you don't apply. So no matter what you think your chances are, make certain you apply.
    2. Foreign language proficiency is fine thing, but unless things have changed lack of it may not be a deal breaker. I only speak englsih, and they took me. Spanish , Chinese (of any sort) Vietnamese, etc ie languages spoken in underserved communities are the most needed. Worrying about mandarin vs Cantonese is a waste of your precious energy. Many underserved Chinese in this area are mandarin speakers.
    3. Pay close attention to your essays. Answer the questions. Tell your story. Explain why you want to be a nurse
    4. Try not to stress too much.
    Good luck!
    3. Worrying
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    Thanks, czyja - you're really a help on these boards!

    You're right - stressing over Cantonese vs. Mandarin is probably a little...obsessive. But Cantonese is so awesome that I'll probably just learn some anyway.
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    Oh yes. If you have the time I would certainly learn cantonese, but only if you want to.

    One of my classmates spoke cantonese - he taught me a few useful words. Some months ago I was caring for a vey sick woman in the icu who spoke only cantonese. Sadly, I thing Cantonese phrases coming out of my white boy mouth may have only added to her delirium!
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    I to am a hopeful for the MEPN program. I am applying to various ones across the country and some Accelerated BSN. I am an ICU intern at the hospital near school and work about 12 hours a week. I started my first 2 years in college on a bit of a bad foot. But over the past 2 years I have gotten nothing but A's especially on my nursing pre-reqs so far. I am finishing A&p II and Microbio now.

    Every morning i wake up stressing over the situation and how this will all work out, but i know that it will work the way it is suppose too. After years and years of growing up of not knowing what it was i truly wanted to do, I can truly say I found my passion.

    For some of you out there applying for the MEPN programs what is your take and understanding of the changes being made in 2015 regarding NP's will have to have a DNP unless already practicing. I understand graduating right from an MEPN program doesn't mean you will be working as an NP right away and was ok with the fact the working as an RN while still observing NP's for experience until it was "time".

    If done and planned right we will be graduating in 2015 with an MSN and be sitting for the exam, but is anyone clear as to if we pass the boards that we will be grandfathered in? I have read some places that it will not matter if your certified but that if you are truly practicing as NP. No one seems to truly have a clear answer, as different states will put the law into effect different ways and at different paces.
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    Hi all! I too am applying to the MEPN program for the FNP. I have been waiting for this moment for a while now (had to spend a lot of time fighting with students at the JC's for seats in classes to finish up my pre-reqs). I have been mulling over the essay for a long time and only have bullet points of what I want to write about. Everything else is in motion. I hope my lack of paid experience in any type of healthcare care patient setting does not work against me. I know that many applicants are previous CNA's, MA's, speech therapists, EMT's, etc. I do work for an IPA which manages a variety of medical groups with upwards of 100,000 pt's and have gained a lot of experience. Learned a lot about the behind the scenes work in healthcare and medical insurance.

    MAS88, I was in an info sesh for another school and asked that same question regarding the 2015 decision. The Director of Admissions informed me that she strongly believes it will not pass because you would need all of the states to implement and recognize its validity. Until all states vote and recognize it, then it cannot be put into place. However, if it did pass she also informed me that we would be grandfathered in. Which would be very interesting given the fact that we would have just graduated or about to graduate.
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    dedi: thank you for response. That has been an issue really starting to play with my mind and affect where i think i should attend school. I have seen so many different things with different comments, but that sounds right and consistent with many of the other threads.
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    Hi, So nice to find this discussion board - thanks everyone for your contributions so far.

    I am applying for 2012 CNM/WHNP. I feel pretty good about my qualifications, but am not sure what to think about my GRE score.
    I have heard vague references and also read the estimated ranges on the UCSF MEPN website for Quant and Verbal, but didn't notice a suggested range for Analytical Writing.
    I want to see if anyone knows, or cares to estimate, what is really competitive and not just acceptable for the 3 sections?
    Do they care about one section more than another?
    Also, isn't it the percentile that matters more than the absolute score?

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