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The MEPN deadline is less than 2 months away, so I thought I'd get a thread started for us 2012 hopefuls! I'm a first time applicant to the WHNP/CNM specialty, and feel like I've been getting ready to submit this application... Read More

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    hi myelin! i applied for adult psych but i heard that the psych np credentialing is getting streamlined into family psych by 2014. so i think everyone graduating after that will only have the option to get their psych np credential in family psych. i think this makes sense because mental health is inherently a holistic field which encompasses people's social environments, especially the family.

    if anyone else knows about the streamlining happening in psych np credentialing, please feel free to confirm or disconfirm this information!

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    Hi Graceface,
    This answer may be a little late. I was a MEPN 2009-2010 and am just finishing the family psych NP program. The reason that everyone is now completing the family curriculum is that the ANCC will be eliminating the Adult Psych NP and Psych CNS credentialing exams after 2014. ANCC certification is not currently required in California, although it is a requirement for licensing in many other states and also a requirement for some jobs. Really, everyone should plan to take the exam.

    There are only a few additional courses that I took as part of the family track that those in the adult psych track did not have to take: pediatric health assessment, child development, adolescent development, and child therapy. You can still choose to focus your clinical work with the population you are most interested in. Best of luck starting MEPN!
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    Hi esazzy77! I sent you a PM but I'm not sure if you can reply to it (I think there's a minimum of posts one has to make before they can PM on this forum). Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the psych program at UCSF. Do you feel prepared to practice? How does the job outlook seem? Thanks!
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    Hi myelin, you're right, I can't reply to the message. If you PM me your e-mail address, I'd be happy to answer any questions you have!
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    I'm still confused on what the total estimated cost is for this program, since they only give you estimates for the 1st year. Thanks for any information!
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    Hello there, a question for you older MEPN applicants.. for your goal statement, did you limit the amount you talked about things that were also found in your experiences page? The volunteer/work experience section asks for a 750 character summary for each position, so there would be a lot of overlap between the two if you did, right?

    Does the application get read in its entirety by the same person? Just don't want to be repetitive but also want my essay and experiences to compliment each other...

    Thanks ahead of time!

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