2010 Samuel Merritt Oakland ELMSN-FNP applicants? - page 18

Hey all: I've been reading the forums for a while and I hadn't seen any discussion specific to the SMU ELMSN-FNP program in Oakland. I'm getting ready to submit my application...anybody else out... Read More

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    The most important thing, as with any school is to have a clear picture of how you see yourself as a future provider. Get clinical experience that is as hands on as you can find. If u have an area of interest that you'd like to pursue professionally, get experience there. I worked with a FNP at SF General, but other people had varying experiences. Most importantly(because we all did it) know that it's more impressive to them if u have a clear vision of what you hope to achieve in nursing than if you spend your energy trying to figure out what they want. It's a GIANT step into professionalism. Prepare yourself now. Good luck!

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