What is the difference in PICU and PCIU??? What is the difference in PICU and PCIU??? | allnurses

What is the difference in PICU and PCIU???

  1. 0 Can someone please tell me what is the difference in the two? Does it depend on the hospital and what term they use?

    I tried to find the info in a google search but all I could find was PCIU but not what it stands for.

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    PCIU could either be a Peds Cardiac ICU or a Peds Cardiac Interventional Unit, like a peds cath lab.... those are the two I am familiar with.... anyone else?
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    I wonder if another possibility is that they meant PCU for progressive care unit. What's the context where you saw this?
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    Thanks for replying. SteveRN21 you are correct. I found out the dept was Peds Cardiac Interventional Unit.

    EricEnfermero - thanks for posting too. At first I thought that I misheard them and that they were talking about PCU but nope it was PCIU! I work for a staffing agency and had a nurse going to the PCIU unit and had no clue what that was, so I was curious. The nursing super that I had talked to initally didn't know either, now that is scary that they didn't know what the unit stood for, all they knew is that they needed staff there.

    Thanks again!!