Travel Nursing in Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care

  1. Hello out there!!
    I was just wondering if anyone had some recomendations on some good US hospitals to do rotations in for Cardiac Critical Care with travel nursing. I get my green card in about a month from now and want to travel to the USA...somewhere warm for the winter. I'm from a well renouned hospital here in Canada so have had the chance to get a well rounded base to work from. We do everything in our unit related to Pediatric Cardiology.

    My second question is...does anyone know what kind of orientation a travel nurse gets???

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  3. by   LadyRavenRN
    I have been travel nursing for almost a year in PICU. Orientation depends a lot on the hopital and the unit. I have had two full weeks between hospital and actual unit orientation to just 1 or 2 shifts on the unit. I have worked in Tucson and Phoenix. I have heard that St. Joseph in Phoenix has an awsome CVPICU. I have not however worked there myself. The best thing to do is talk to your travel company and recruiter. Hope this helps.
  4. by   nursprl
    I did three Peds CVCIU assignments: All Children's in St. Petersburg, FL earlier this year and Arkansas Children's last year and Medical University of South Carolina several years ago. Orientation for those facilities was one day hospital and two day unit. Currently neither hospital has any openings for CVICU or PICU at the moment.
  5. by   slcpicu
    Although, it isn't warm but Denver Children's has a great CVICU and is very traveler friendly. There are about 8 of us here right now. I have been here for a while and get the sickest of the sick. Sometimes it can be hard get some acuity as a traveler. But not the case here. Also, I know a few ppl that have loved Arkanasas Children's. I have heard very mixed reviews (mostly not so great) from a few cali travlers in their CVICU's. This is my first and only travel assignment. here til april and start CRNA school in MAY
    6 months and counting.
    O orientation. 1 day computer training and 2 days on the unit and then your free.
    Happy hunting!!
  6. by   ttucowgirlnurse
    Vanderbuilt in Nashville, TN has a great CVICU, as well as Medical City in Dallas, TX, John Hopkins in Baltimore, MD, and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, in PA.
  7. by   lovensoccer3
    the pcticu at st joseph's hospital and medical center is amazing!! they truely have a great place to work. i was their as a student and worked with a traveler who absolutely loves it there. she has been their for 3 contracts..:spin:
  8. by   bwpccedu
    Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando, Florida has a good PCICU. It's definately warm!
  9. by   nursprl
    Quote from bwpccedu
    Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando, Florida has a good PCICU. It's definately warm!

    you liked Arnold Palmer? i hated it there..i was bored in their PCICU