Too early for CCRN?

  1. I have been a nurse since December 2006 and have worked on the PICU since graduating. My boss is trying to get me to take the CCRN test tihs fall and as an incentive the review class will be no charge to me, and if i PASS the test I will be reimbursed. I am worried that it is way too soon for me to take the test as I haven't really been a nurse for that long and don't know if I am ready. Any advice?
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  3. by   SpinChicaCCRN
    I started at my PICU in Aug 2006 as a new grad and I took two weeks off work to study for the CCRN and REALLY studied hard the last 5 days (maybe too much?). I listened to the CCRN review on audio CD, made flash cards of the concepts in each lecture (I ended up with about 150 flash cards) and I took the test a week ago and failed by 9 questions out of 150! (you need to get 70% correct to pass). I hear that Kaplan is coming out with a review book for the Pediatric CCRN in December and I think I will wait for that to come out before I retake it. The test was really hard and only 50% of it I recognized from the lecture CDs. I feel like alot of the questions threw in terms I had never heard of and were never mentioned in the lectures. I didn't have a bank of questions to practice with and I think that will help alot. Also there is a set of study flash cards off the internet from morrison media which I got and found helpful but again it doesn't have questions...
    Good luck and let me know how it goes for you!!!