Spicing up Orientation!!

  1. I work in a PICU, and we have had issues with staff retention. I've decided to focus on support for new orientees. It's called the Sunshine Club! I'm looking for any and all ideas! We do welcome breakfasts and I'm assembling small gift bags for them (so ideas for that would also be great!) I wanted to sort of focus on the social aspect since our unit (not unlike others) can have cliques. Any great ideas that you all can share? Or something that may have helped you? Thanks!!
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  3. by   Damien201
    Encourage the staff to invite the newbies out to post-shift breakfast or dinner. Grabbing a drink after work was a great way for me to bond with my new coworkers when I was on orientation.
  4. by   Orange Tree
    Are your retention issues directly related to the cliques? I've seen directors walk around passing out popcorn when what we actually need is adequate staffing. It was annoying, but it would have been infuriating if they'd called it the Sunshine Club. If the unit is having true social problems, it seems like counseling the staff (established and new) would be more effective. A gift bag isn't going to encourage me to stick around if everyone I encounter is hostile.
  5. by   newFNP2015
    I have seen gift bags with sharpies and personalized water bottles. Snacks and crystal light seem to be big in our unit. After work food and drinks have really made me feel closer to some of my co workers.

    I agree with Orange Tree though. While these are nice gestures, our unit has poor morale and other issues at hand. It doesn't make our retention higher, but it does give me friends that I will keep when we all ultimately move on...