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  1. This is my last semester of nursing school and I'll like to give a good impression to my clinical instructor. I was assigned at PICU for one week. How should I prepare myself for the PICU, what types of skills should I review. I heard from other students that my clinical instructor is very tough and expects us to know our stuff. I'm worried because I have never been in a unit with little people !!!! The PICU is a whole different world HELP
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Know pediatric vital signs norms. Know your respiratory assessment inside and out. Review growth and development to be able to predict behaviour and reactions to illness. Review pediatric drug doses for commonly administered drugs in the PICU: epinephrine, morphine, fentanyl, ketamine, furosemide, antibiotics, acetaminophen; know the formula for calculating fluid maintenance. That should get you through.