Pediatric CCRN

  1. I passed my CCRN exam on 3/14! 2 days before my birthday.

    I just wanted to share what I used, this forum definitely helped alleviate some of my fears.

    My bff purchased the AACN critical care review course for me and I did that. It's a bunch of 1 hour modules that cover all the systems with practice questions inbetween.

    My saving grace was Dennison's PASS CCRN online practice questions that can be bought for $26 on

    I did practice tests and scored 66-75% out of 150 questions.

    I finished my exam in 2.5 hours, went to the restroom, peed and prayed, and came back to review my bookmarked questions and changed a few of my answers. I ended up passing with a score of 110 questions correct out of 125 (25 questions don't count towards your score)

    I am very proud of myself. Especially since I didn't always get the sickest patients.

    Good luck to all of you who decide to make this a professional goal!
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  3. by   sirI
    Congratulations, icecream_31689

    And, HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!
  4. by   firemedic12
    Congratulations! I actually passed mine on 2/28/18. I used Pass CCRN myself as well as the CCRN review videos by Laura Gasparis. My computer froze 3 times during the test and my reaction the third time probably should have gotten me kicked out of the testing center lol.