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What is your unit's standard for sedation when a patient is on a HFOV? I have always learned that it's important to keep patients very sedated & definitely not breathing over the vent, so as to... Read More

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    In our state, ketamine and propofol are both classified as anesthetic agents. RN's may initiate, monitor & often titrate infusions, but cannot give as IV pushes - that has to be done by doc or CRNA.

    Like I said - all of our oscillator pt's are paralyzed with full anticipation / precautions for pneumos. Never had one that I can recall that we haven't paralyzed. Like Jan said, just shows the differences in practice!

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    In our PICU, the oscillated kids are always on sedative/analgesic drips (Fentanyl and Versed), as well as a paralyzing drip (Vecuronium). Our docs don't want any chance of our patients trying to breathe against the vent. We usually stop the paralytic upon transitioning them back to the Servo-I.
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    We also use a paralytic drip in conjunction with typically a fentanyl infusion for sedation, occasionally versed and bolus doses prn for our oscillated patients.
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    Hey all
    Patients who are oscillated in our unit are usualy on Rocuronium to keep them still....although I do think our unit is looking at using Roc a little less and will probaby go for the old morphine and midaz option.


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