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NG placement techniques

  1. 0 We drop a lottt of NG tubes at my work. I've done a few now and was wondering your opinion on something. For babies who are conscious, do you find it's better to swaddle, get it in quickly and over with, or do you find it's better to advance it slowly, a few centimeters at a time while sucking a pacifier, give a quick break, then repeat until it's down? I usually just have them suck on a soothie if they're able to and advance it as quickly as possible because they're usually freaking out, but the other night I watched a nurse very slowly advance the NG and the baby barely noticed she was doing it. I didn't know if this was the norm or just a fluke, it seemed unusual they'd remain still and calm for that long. What's your technique?
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    Most of the kids I drop 'em on are usually sedated or still anaesthetized so it's typically whoops-it's-in. But there are times when the slow and patient approach is a better idea. If your little one is awake and alert, try that first with swaddling prn, and if they freak out anyway, go to Plan B.