Can I be the nurse for my "own" kid?

  1. Sooo, the kid isn't LEGALLY mine, first and foremost.

    I have been a peds home health nurse for a long time. I became very close to the family of a former patient of mine... I know, I know.... first rule, right? But I'm just being honest. I love this kid with all my heart.

    Unfortunately, Mom has found herself homeless, and cannot care for the child right now. If I were to bring the child into my home and assume a legal temporary guardianship of him, would I still be able to provide his nursing care? I know other nurses in similar situations that have assumed guardianship of their patients, but I don't know if they provided the nursing care for them. I wasn't sure if it was a legal thing, or if they just chose not to. Please help!!!
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  4. by   msufan3710
    "I love this kid with all my heart." you answered your own question- you're too close to remain objective.
  5. by   llg
    I have worked with nurses (and a physician) who legally adopted a patient. Once they did that, they became the "parent" and vacated their professional relationship with the child -- replacing it with a personal relationship.

    There are differences between having a personal relationship with a child, and having and professional relationship. Respect each type of role and don't try to ignore those differences and make the roles murky.