Adult Med/Surg to PICU

  1. I am an adult medical stepdown nurse looking to go to the PICU. I have experience with vents on adults on my current unit and some drips. I have experience as a CNA in PICU but no RN experience in a PICU. I have an interview next week on PICU and just looking for some tips/advice. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   shaykdo
    I was a med-surg oncology nurse for almost 3 years then interviewed for the PICU and got it. I've been on PICU for about 3 months and love it so far. If this is your passion and this is the direction you want to go in your career they should hire you. They're going to ask you why you want to switch. Just be confident, thats what is great about nursing you can switch specialities. On my interview they asked me all the typical questions..I was honest and confident and was my self. Good luck!
  4. by   corbinRN
    Thanks shaykdo! I have always wanted to go back to the kids and I like the fast pace of critical care. PICU is my passion and i know i will be so happy there. My wife is hesitant about it because we have two small girls and she doesn't want me to bring work back home with me. Does anyone work in PICU who has small children? Is it difficult to separate and maintain that work/life balance?
  5. by   WalCZooSki
    I am a Picu nurse with small children. I think it makes me appreciate them more. I have in the past gotten carried away and over or under-analyzed some of my own children's health symptoms and now I am sure to just leave it up to our pediatrician. I have my husband take them to the doctor with any major symptoms.