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I'm an adult ICU nurse but my goal is to get a job in a PICU. We found out tonight that the hospital is offering a CCRN review course coming up and if you pass CCRN they'll reimburse you the cost of... Read More

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    Quote from lindy333
    Hi Bryan
    I am also an adult ICU nurse who got the opportunity to cross train this winter to the PICU to help out with the higher census during the winter months and totally I LOVE it!!! I took and passed he CCRN ( adult ) and now am thinking about taking the peds version. I am pretty sure you need to have a certain amount of time in the specialty area before you are allowed to take the exam unless it is different from the adult CCRN. I find Peds to be a whole different world from Adults !!! Even after 20 years as a nurse I am amazed how much I need to learn if I intend to switch over and work with this population.
    Yeah, you need to have 1750 hours in the specialty you're testing for (adult, PICU, NICU). So, I'd be taking the adult version, primarily to enhance my resume, but also I think just going through this review course the hospital is putting on would be a great learning experience. I've never had a critical care course where we just sit down and go over all this sort of thing before. It'd be nice to have it all at once to go over and cement everything in my mind. The person that teaches it is a CNS in critical care.

    The diferences between adults and peds is primarily what draws me to the PICU. I particularly like the lack of lifestyle-related illness. That wears on me in the adult world.

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    I love the variety of ages and diverse treatments in the PICU. In my hospital your doing MCC -SCC-CV-Neuro-Trauma CC all on the one unit and it is not sectioned off into separate units like in the adult world and the kids are way cuter :-). I will probably make the change once I come back from a couple of years traveling ( doing adult CC while traveling). Good Luck. Christine
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    Those are the main attractions that PICU has for me. The lack of lifestyle-related comorbidities and the variety... in my last four shifts I've looked after an school-aged kid post-VSD closure and tricuspid valve repair, done a 6 hour shift as an ECMO/CRRT specialist, cared for a neonate old post-Norwood on ECMO and cared for an infant with necrotizing pneumonia also on ECMO. On Monday it may be a post-op liver transplant or a croup. It's always different and it's always challenging.

    Bryan, did you see the new thread I started?
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    The variety is the other thing that really interests me.

    Jan, yes I saw it. Our Internet at home is down so I'm having to use my iPhone. You think it's a pain typing a lot on a real keyboard? :-). It'll hopefully be back up tomorrow so I'll be participating again then. Phew, my thumbs are worn out from that!!!
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    I just posted a scenario you'll like! Hope your iPhone doesn't explode.

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