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  1. 0 I just currently found out about this program, has anybody went threw it. I am specificly looking at the night and weekend program in the greene county area. I alreadry was accepted into another program starting fall 2011, but have heard horrer stories about the program. Just want to have another option available.
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    Moving to Pennsylvania Programs Discussion to elicit more responses.
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    I applied to the steel tech campus for the lpn program and I havent heard any thing good or bad, what have you heard if you dont mind my asking.
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    I really havent heard anything about the school, Im looking at the nights/weekend program at the greene county facility. Are you just doing the LPN program or the pn/adn?
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    I am just doing the lpn program, I have my one on one interview this week so hopefully it goes well.
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    what were the pre-req for the program, hope your interview goes well
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    There were no pre-reqs, thanks im so nervous though
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    are u sure when i was on there website, i thought I saw some were u had to have biology, algebra, and chemistry
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    for the lpn program @ steel tech there were no pre-reqs. I went on my interview and it went well andI think im getting in.