West Penn SON, Citizens SON, UPMC Mercy or Shadyside SON

  1. Hi! I am wondering if a recent student can give me their input to these schools. I would like as much info as possible. I am married with a 19 month old who does not have the college creadits and do not want to go to a" college". Is there a way in attending one of these schools without taking A&P and other corses before going to one of these schools. I would like to take these courses at the nursing school. I was going to school in a LPN tech school but had failed the Body Structures class by 2 points. It was during my 1st trimester. I found out I was pregnant a week into school. I don't know if I want to go back to GJCTC-Monroeville or go to one of these schools to get my RN. Thank you for taking the time to read this and thanks for all of your input!
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    Hi! I'm not a student yet but I was recently accepted at UPMC Shadyside and will be attending next month. I have yet to take A&P and some of the other college courses that are required for the program and will be taking them concurrently with my nursing courses, although I heard that it is much easier to get them out of the way ahead of time. I have a 16 month old and I wish that i would've been able to lighten my load by getting the non-nursing courses out of the way, but I'm just glad to be starting the program. HTH and good luck with whatever you decide.
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    i dont attend these schools but i am applying for fall 2012... i know that shadyside does not have any pre reqs but you have the option to transfer in credits from another college. same with west penn (must have high school science and math though).. im not too familiar with mercy. But st.margarets has both a lpn and rn program and the lpn does not have any prereqs.
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    Thank you both! Im taking the PSB exam tomorrow for the LPN program at GJCTC. It starts in March. I was in the program for the 1st 3rd of it a few years ago. Im going to see if I get back in. If not then I will be trying for Shadyside or Citizens.
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